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    Spending on footwear has defied the cost-of-living crisis, boosted by strong demand for trainers/sneakers and school shoes that shows no sign of abating. Michael Oliver, Senior Retail Analyst ..."
    Footwear is a central part of consumers' wardrobes. They look to brands to help them express their styles and interests, and keep them comfortable across occasions. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst, Retail & eCommerce ..."
    The rise of non-specialists in the footwear market in Germany shows how consumers increasingly shop for complete outfits. To encourage engagement, retailers can leverage technology to help buyers find their unique styles. Lena Rittmann - Analyst ..."
    "While fashion has struggled during the tough economic climate, footwear has fared slightly better, and is poised for growth. Comfort and casual styles remain key drivers within the category, with casual fashion and athleisure giving yet more rise to trainers and casual everyday footwear. Consumers look for more from the..."
    “The footwear market has faced pent-up demand, as consumer routines become normalised and the high street reopens. Value for money will be a key focus for consumers as the cost-of-living squeeze begins to take hold; big-name brands will need to further prove durability and quality as many consumers look to..."
    “Spain is facing severe recession and consumers have a difficult and uncertain future. Unemployment, which was already high, is soaring, particularly amongst young people, impacting confidence and purchasing power. Footwear is in large part a discretionary spending area, and retailers have an uphill battle to regain ground lost as a..."
    “While the competitive environment for specialist footwear retailers is quite intense at present, we believe that, as the proportion of sales that go online increases, there is an opportunity for retailers to use their stores to expand the range of services they offer and own the foot health space. Online..."
    “Footwear specialists will be among the hardest-hit sectors as consumer shopping behaviour has altered drastically to reflect changes in lifestyles during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mintel’s COVID-19 tracker in April 2021 found that 44% of French adults were buying less clothing and footwear compared to before the outbreak and 43% said..."
    “Footwear retailing is among the sectors being hit the hardest by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across Europe, and we expect the leading five economies to have experienced drops in retail specialists’ sales of between substantial 21% and 32% in 2020. Specialists continue to lose share of spending in the category..."
    “The past year has hit the footwear sector hard and is likely to have a lasting impact. Initially, footwear, being a very seasonal fashion item, suffered big losses when stores were shut during the spring months. Additionally, as more people were forced to shop online many footwear specialists had to..."
    “Despite declines experienced in the total footwear market because of the pandemic, the category will rebound quickly, especially online. Consumers who shifted their shopping online during the pandemic will stay, for the convenience as well as out of enjoyment. Looking ahead, brands and retailers can embrace culture, sustainability and technology..."
    “All retail sectors will be negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the footwear category is no exception. The positive growth pattern of the last five years will change, and sales are expected to decline as consumers limit non-essential spending. The footwear market will be challenged to encourage purchases among..."