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    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    The cost of living crisis has led to caution around spending and while women have adopted more savvy shopping behaviours, they have turned to fashion to boost their mood. As inflation rates fall and consumer confidence increases, there are opportunities for fashion to trade on mood-boosting demand, drawing lessons from..."
    In a tough economy, it is crucial to motivate consumers to spend by highlighting the joy of shopping and focussing on timeless and sustainable clothing ranges. Silke Lambers, Fashion Senior Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    "The women’s clothing market is still growing despite the current inflationary environment; however, its full potential is being stifled as women shift shopping behaviors to adjust to rising costs. Female shoppers remain focused on finding the right fit and want retailers to help them with this. They’re also keen to..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “A resurgence in consumer spending has benefitted the underwear market, as consumers look to treat themselves to new styles. Consumers seek to bring fun to their underwear shopping, and look for better representation and inclusivity from brands. Growth in the sector is set to be driven by the continuation of..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “Amid a challenging environment for the womenswear market, with women significantly more likely than men to have made major changes to the way they buy clothes in response to the cost-of-living crisis, retailers need to focus on ways to encourage spending. There is scope for retailers to tap into the..."
    “Women’s spending has become focused on the ‘self’. Comfort becomes the top priority when they purchase underwear. On top of this, underwear brands need to be aware of the diverse and individualised demands as women increasingly accept natural beauty and their true selves. It is important that underwear brands provide..."
    "The underwear market is poised for growth and rapid change. Already, the market has seen a push toward inclusive sizing and body-positive messaging, which has opened up ample opportunity for smaller brands. Consumers are seeking authenticity from underwear brands, looking for them to showcase what real people look like and..."
    “The men’s and women’s clothing market continues to show resiliency amid constant retraction and expansion as it responds to a surplus of outside factors. For the foreseeable future, the biggest threatening headwind is inflation, which is pulling the market toward another period of retraction. Retailers and brands must be focused..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    "As the cost-of-living squeeze bites, women are becoming increasingly value focused when buying womenswear. While this will lead some consumers to prioritise price and trade down, for others it will become about the overall value equation. Fashion retailers will need to focus on promoting overall value by improving the quality..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “While consumer spending on underwear, nightwear and loungewear will be impacted by the ‘cost of living squeeze’ and as people reallocate spend to other fashion categories, it will continue to benefit from demand for comfortable items as the shift towards flexible working endures. Growth in the sector will be driven..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “The womenswear market has been hard hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, with women drastically cutting back on their clothes purchasing as a result of changes to their lifestyles. While there has been some pent-up demand for buying new clothes released with the opening of stores in April 2021 and as..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “As online shopping for underwear increases and the shift away from stores outlasts the COVID-19 outbreak and creates a longer lasting legacy, retailers will need to invest more heavily in digital fitting technology to help women more easily buy the correct fit and shape of bras online. Many of the..."