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    Footwear is a central part of consumers' wardrobes. They look to brands to help them express their styles and interests, and keep them comfortable across occasions. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst, Retail & eCommerce ..."
    “The perception that men don’t like to shop for clothes is misguided. A majority of men think it’s fun to shop for clothes. Men are more likely than women to be purposeful about their shopping conquests and seek out direct means to find what they want in the most efficient..."
    "The women’s clothing market is still growing despite the current inflationary environment; however, its full potential is being stifled as women shift shopping behaviors to adjust to rising costs. Female shoppers remain focused on finding the right fit and want retailers to help them with this. They’re also keen to..."
    “The baby and children’s clothing market will see slow, steady growth in the next five years. Decelerating birth rates will create less demand for these items; however, parents could be willing to spend more per child if they have fewer children to care for in their household. The landscape will..."
    “Consumers, and society at large, are continuing to embrace sneakers and streetwear. In addition to the comfortability of these items, increasing engagement is largely driven by interest in the style, affinity for certain brands and elements of self-expression that come with these items. Looking ahead, Mintel expects the sneakers and..."
    "The underwear market is poised for growth and rapid change. Already, the market has seen a push toward inclusive sizing and body-positive messaging, which has opened up ample opportunity for smaller brands. Consumers are seeking authenticity from underwear brands, looking for them to showcase what real people look like and..."
    “The men’s and women’s clothing market continues to show resiliency amid constant retraction and expansion as it responds to a surplus of outside factors. For the foreseeable future, the biggest threatening headwind is inflation, which is pulling the market toward another period of retraction. Retailers and brands must be focused..."
    "The online apparel market is poised for opportunity and growth as consumers continue to gravitate to ecommerce to purchase clothing. Thus far, brands have produced an enjoyable experience for shoppers and this experience drives consumers back to make purchases online. In the coming years, technology will be at the forefront..."

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    “The athleisure market is seeing significant growth, thanks in part to the pandemic as well as the hybrid working environments consumers now live in. As consumers continue to wear these items for both fitness activities and everyday tasks, there are huge potential opportunities for brands. Moving forward, consumers will want..."
    “Changes to lifestyles stemming from the pandemic and rising prices are impacting how consumers shop for handbags and accessories. They are shopping less frequently and approach the category more consciously. As a result, consumers will look to spend wisely on items that last and shop brands and products they feel..."
    “While initially hit by the pandemic lockdowns, watches and jewelry have seen a quick recovery as consumers cautiously return to more “normal” lifestyles and their confidence to spend slowly improves. Consumers changing shopping behaviors, together with ethical and sustainable preferences, will drive this sector to an unprecedented transformation in the..."
    “Consumers were shopping for clothing online prior to COVID-19; however, the pandemic accelerated this behavior and adoption for many. The convenience and overall enjoyable experience will keep consumers shopping for clothes online moving forward. Brands and retailers will need to emphasize their elevated experience which should include digital tools for..."