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    The cost of living crisis was driven by high inflation, leading the Bank of England to raise interest rates to their highest level since 2008 in response. This has severely increased the cost of borrowing and hit gross mortgage lending. Besides reducing affordability for potential new buyers, it has led..."
    The downturn in mortgage lending presents an opportunity for advisers to extend the mortgage advice proposition and diversify into new areas. Sarah Hitchcock, Associate Consultant – Financial Services ..."
    While 2023 was a year of decline for mortgage lending, an expected reduction in interest rates will boost affordability considerably, stimulating renewed demand.Brian O'Connor, Category Director - Irish Reports ..."
    “Conditions continue to be challenging for mortgage advisers in 2023. Households are feeling the pressures of the cost of living crises and mortgage costs continue to rise. However, whilst the current economic climate is hampering activity, consumers are placing a greater value on mortgage advice. The current heightened uncertainty presents..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “Mortgage lending remained resilient in 2022, but the outlook is more challenging. The cost of living crisis is mounting pressure on household finances, causing mortgage owners to worry about their ability to afford their payments and making homeownership seem unattainable for non-homeowners. Nonetheless, the demand for homeownership remains high, suggesting..."
    "Cost-of-living pressures as well as rising interest rates will combine to put a strain on new mortgage affordability, which will inevitably impact upon demand for new mortgages. While there may be more demand for mortgage refinancing as consumers shop around for better deals, some existing mortgage holders may struggle to..."
    "Consumers are changing the way they approach home purchasing, leaning more on digital tools to streamline the search process and looking to intrapersonal and digital sources to find their mortgage lenders. A surge in independent decision-making in the home search process has led to an increase in consideration for new..."
    “Although recent rates hikes have stressed many mortgage owners, the long-term outlook for housing remains strong. But a market correction is taking place as overheated housing markets cool down in the face of higher interest rates. This price softening is a positive outcome as it represents a shift to more..."
    ”2021 provided favourable economic conditions for the commercial mortgages market. As investment was deliberately postponed over the peak of the pandemic in 2020, investors took advantage of low interest rates, low unemployment, a spike in consumer real wage growth and most importantly of all the re-opening of the UK economy..."
    “After benefiting from a surge in mortgage lending activity in 2021, operating conditions have become more challenging for mortgage advisers in 2022. High inflation is squeezing household incomes and causing lenders to be more cautious about lending. While housing market activity will not be as robust in the near term,..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    “2021 was the strongest year for mortgage lending since the financial crisis, but 2022 is set to be more challenging. The rising cost of living is already feeding through into lower consumer confidence, which will increase reluctance to commit to major financial decisions, including buying or moving a house. Increases..."
    "Despite the spectre of soaring inflation and rising interest rates, consumer confidence remains relatively strong, while forecasts for employment and the broader economy augur well. All of this suggests that demand for mortgages will continue to be broadly positive, notwithstanding the effect of rising prices on affordability."- Brian O’Connor, Senior..."