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    Credit monitoring firms can increase engagement by focusing on consumer interest in financial wellbeing and data protection. Sarah Hitchcock, Associate Consultant – Financial Services ..."
    The future of fintech holds immense potential, promising greater financial inclusion along with reshaping the way consumers engage with their finances. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    “2023 marks the fifth anniversary of Open Banking in the UK, reflecting the innovation in technology and data usage in financial services. One fifth of consumers are more willing to share their financial data as a result of the cost of living crisis. This highlights the importance of budgeting tools..."
    “There is added caution around cryptocurrency following the high profile collapse of FTX in 2022 and a major market crash. Legal disputes involving leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the US is adding to market uncertainty. Despite this, ownership remains high and intent to buy is strong amongst younger consumers. Long term,..."
    “The difficult economic environment has seen many FinTechs find it difficult to raise funding, with valuations falling. For consumers, there is more caution as household finances are squeezed, leading to a preference for established brands. However, innovative new providers that can offer cost savings and advanced budgeting tools have an..."
    “Although satisfaction with digital channels is high, especially with younger consumers, providers, this could be tested through the cost of living crisis. Complementing digital channels with strong customer service and ensuring the availability of a ‘human touch’ for more complex financials tasks will provide consumers with the convenience they seek..."
    “Younger consumers are using more financial apps, more frequently and for a wider range of purposes. The cost of living crisis could see use increase across demographics as people look to budgeting tools and Open Banking apps to help highlight opportunities for savings. Financial services markets that have struggled to..."
    “Amid a challenging economic climate, some consumers are worrying about their credit scores as many are seeing their household budgets squeezed. This could further boost engagement with credit monitoring services. However, myths about credit scores and reports continue to persist, and providers should continue to focus on tackling these to..."

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    “Neobanks have a tough road to navigate going into next year. Recessionary fears only loom larger, which will have adverse effects on the profitability and survivability of many neobanks. Growing competitive threats from industry behemoths such as Apple and Amazon continue to loom as well, as these incumbents continue to..."
    “Fintech has continued to elevate the financial services industry, providing value for consumers in a wide array of areas such as ecommerce, payments and safer digital experiences, as well as greater inclusivity into the credit system. Fintech’s customer-centric approach will have especially resonated with many during the current economic climate,..."
    “The use of branches has declined during the pandemic as usage of mobile apps and digital tools surges ahead. While some of these adopters will continue to use more digital, many customers are yearning for a human connection and will return to branches as the pandemic recedes.”– Sanjay Sharma, Senior..."

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    “Blockchain may have its roots in cryptocurrencies, but it is evolving into a technology with widespread applications led by the banking sector but extending to an almost ubiquitous potential. Despite being a decade old, the technology remains at an early development stage of what is seen to be major exponential..."