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    The cost of living crisis and its impact upon household incomes has seen more people shopping around for deals and savings financial products. This has increased the role of data sharing further, with consumers able to more readily see the most suitable products and gauge their odds of approval. However,..."
    70% of adults agree that the cost of living crisis highlights the importance of having access to a diverse range of communication methods. Amid ongoing financial pressures, digital channels allow consumers to address concerns without fear of judgment, while traditional methods like in-person conversations offer personalised reassurance. By enhancing and..."

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    The cost of living crisis was driven by high inflation, leading the Bank of England to raise interest rates to their highest level since 2008 in response. This has severely increased the cost of borrowing and hit gross mortgage lending. Besides reducing affordability for potential new buyers, it has led..."
    Bridging rates have crept up as the Base Rate remains unchanged, but lender competition has maintained demand for bridging The bridging finance industry carries a higher risk profile than other forms of lending and this additional risk has been priced into product offerings – particularly as the Base Rate remains at..."
    As the UK starts to recover from the cost of living crisis, consumer sentiment is mixed, with a cautious rise in optimism about personal finances contrasting a sustained sense of pessimism regarding the wider economy. Despite inflation falling considerably, sustained higher interest rates pose an ongoing challenge for UK households. Many..."
    The downturn in mortgage lending presents an opportunity for advisers to extend the mortgage advice proposition and diversify into new areas. Sarah Hitchcock, Associate Consultant – Financial Services ..."
    An analysis of consumer behaviour in income protection, including ownership, key target groups, evolving needs and motivations, and opportunities and threats. Stefania Apostol, Senior Financial Services Analyst ..."
    A compilation of political, economic, social and legal factors impacting the income protection market. Stefania Apostol, Senior Financial Services Analyst ..."
    An overview of the key innovations in the income protection market. Stefania Apostol, Senior Financial Services Analyst ..."
    The individual income protection market is on the rise, driven by consumers' increased awareness of financial vulnerabilities and advisers' focus on protection. Stefania Apostol, Senior Financial Services Analyst ..."
    An overview of the market share of major players, competitive and advertising strategies. Stefania Apostol, Senior Financial Services Analyst ..."
    Trust in financial services has risen in recent years, but challenges still persist. Increased transparency will be key to further improvements. Saltanat Kuermannal, Financial Services Analyst ..."

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