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    Two years removed from the country's worst bout of inflation in over four decades, the US economy has defied expectations. Prices continue to exhibit signs of being on a deflationary path, the labor market remains resilient, wage growth is solid, along with real GDP continuing to display healthy quarterly increases.Income..."
    For the second consecutive year, consumers were more eager to interact with digital ads and respond to direct mail and email campaigns, illustrating heightened demand for financial products. Accompanying their desire for new financial solutions is an increased appetite for research, with consumers turning to a greater number of channels..."
    First-time investors, typically those with less than a year of investing experience, tend to prioritize short-term gains over long-term investment impacts. This is reinforced by their higher proclivity towards riskier and speculative assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which are significantly less popular among their more experienced counterparts. On the other..."
    Parents are broadening the financial guidance they give to their children, de-emphasizing savings in favor of a more comprehensive discussion of credit and debt. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."

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    Inflation's compression of consumer budgets has caused a prioritization of cost over choice of doctors when selecting coverage, driving consideration of switching. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    Personal lenders must adapt to meet the changing preferences of borrowers while navigating an increasingly competitive landscape. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    FIs must continue working to bridge the gap between mainstream financial services and the un- and underbanked to ensure an equitable and inclusive banking system. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    Rising demand for well-rounded financial products will catalyze competition among financial brands in 2024, with non-quantitative features rising to prominence. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    Trust remains the backbone of any banking relationship – essential in fostering loyalty, ensuring financial security, and upholding the integrity of the industry. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    Those who stand out in the BNPL space will be the ones able to own the customer relationship across shopping, payments, and banking touchpoints. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    As Gen Z consumers look to build wealth and travel in the next year, Millennials strategize how best to handle existing debt with expanding financial obligations. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."

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    A focus on credit building and openness to annual fees portends expansion at both extremes of the credit card product spectrum. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."

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