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    A striking 80% of yogurt consumers consider it a healthier alternative to indulgent snacks, underscoring yogurts position as a mainstay in consideration sets beyond traditional uses. This mirrors a broader trend of consumers seeking protein-rich and convenient foods for a wider variety of eating occasions. The growth of the yogurt..."
    Rice and pulses, both kitchen essentials in Indian households, are primarily purchased in the loose format. This report throws light on the potential for market expansion of the packaged/branded formats by identifying the target segments likely to make the shift from loose to branded.Basmati rice is associated with rich flavours..."
    Better-for-you claims are inspiring innovation in bread and bread products, as resealable packaging and nutrient-packed seeds are pitched to convey value appeal. Zoe Wong, Junior Analyst - Food & Drink, BPCH ..."

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    Whether or not inflation is ongoing, cost of living stressors have changed how consumers feel and act moving forward: 62% say they would buy more fruit if they weren't worried about rising food costs, and 28% have changed their usual selections over the last year because of higher prices.Luckily, fruit's..."
    This report looks at the following areas: This Report looks at the following areas: Market growth and the competitive landscape in packaged bakery foods Marketing activities and new product trends in packaged bakery foods Consumer preferences for different types of packaged bakery foods Consumer perceptions of different packaged bakery food brands ..."
    The cost of living crisis has seen sustainability become less of a priority for many. Improving confidence will support interest in this issue regaining momentum in food and drink. 23% of UK shoppers list buying more sustainable products among the top three changes they expect..."
    Nuts, seeds and trail mix tick a lot of boxes as the perfect snack, yet opportunities exist to more greatly meet their potential in the competitive snack space. Despite their portable, BFY, protein-rich, and flavorful attributes, they occupy a middling spot among the most frequently..."
    The birth rate in Germany is in long-term decline. This is challenging the volume sales of baby food and will lead manufacturers to focus on targeting older infants rather than newborns. Opportunities exist for brands to position baby food such as finger foods and snacks to target a variety of..."
    Sauce brands will respond to consumer demands for greater transparency, value and excitement. Ayisha Koyenikan, Director - Mintel Food & Drink ..."
    72% of Germans use convenience food & drink products, rising to 90% of 16-34s. Usage declines with age, however, which must be addressed in light of Germany's ageing society. There is growing demand for more natural ingredients in convenience food & drink, with 50% of category users agreeing that such..."
    In 2024, the landscape of Thai breakfast is evolving, seamlessly integrating traditional flavours with modern dietary preferences. As the demand for convenient and nutritious morning meals grows among Thais, there's a crucial need for products to adapt and meet this demand.Health and wellness are increasingly prioritised, with a preference emerging..."
    Facing uncertainty, consumers can rely on yogurt and desserts for affordable indulgence, nutrition and authenticity. Caroline Roux, Consultant Analyst ..."

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