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    Frozen breakfast foods are convenient and easy, making them a solid weekday breakfast option. Proven versatility is needed to power growth at breakfast and beyond. Kelsey Olsen, Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    “Frozen snacks are evolving quickly into a mealtime solution as snacks and meals blur, with strong consumer interest underwriting this new direction. Versatility is quickly becoming as integral to the category as convenience and ease, which remain foundational.” – Kelsey Olsen, Food and Drink Analyst This Report looks at the following areas ..."
    “Sales of frozen breakfast foods actually outpaced the considerable rates of inflation over the past year and continue to improve upon the sizable increases seen in the pandemic-fueled increase of 2020. However, maintaining that momentum will require the category to look beyond its convenient reputation and focus on improving perceptions..."
    “The frozen snacks category has grown 52% since 2017, boosted by demand for cost-effective, filling snacks and small meals that are easy to make. Nevertheless, the category does face a lack of identity, as consumers recognize frozen snacks as convenient and flavorful but don't appear to regard them as part..."
    "Frozen breakfast players have many paths moving forward: leaning into occasional indulgence will bring satisfying variety to at-home routines; a play for portability can lessen the blow of the return to on-the-go occasions that might otherwise be lost to foodservice; improving natural positioning and nutritional value can strengthen health cred..."
    “The COVID-19 pandemic drove strong sales growth for frozen foods in 2020; however, brands will need to disrupt shoppers’ habitual approach to buying frozen if they are to continue to grow sales in the ‘Next Normal’. Frozen foods with ethical attributes warrant further attention as these attract strong consumer interest..."
    “Convenience is at the core of frozen snacks occasions and choice, which has served the category yet suggests that these steadfast ties may also limit consumer perceptions under normal circumstances. In the pandemic, with its restrictions and stresses, consumers turned to frozen snacks at an accelerated pace to fill seemingly..."
    “Regardless of the innovation in ice cream, the category’s success rests on a timeless and fundamental principle, which is to provide enjoyment. During the COVID-19 outbreak, this central tenet may be more important than ever and will remain so in the near term.”– Joel Gregoire, Associate Director for Food &..."