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    Consumers’ animal welfare, sustainability, and ultra-processed concerns align with the government's organic agriculture goals. To democratise the organic category, retailers can offer private label alternatives for organic food in Germany. Khalid Peerbaccus, Senior Analyst - Food & Drink..."
    It's human nature to seek out max enjoyment for least perceived harm. Understanding consumer concerns and barriers can help formulations stay relevant as trends change. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    “The income squeeze is putting considerable pressure on the gluten-/wheat-free market, exacerbated by these products’ higher price than their standard equivalents’. Prioritisation of gluten-/wheat-free treats over essentials if money was tight and interest in brand collaborations point to opportunities to keep people engaged. Meanwhile, making sustainable ingredients more central to..."
    “While labels can be an effective tool for brands to differentiate their products nutritionally, they can also be a portal to additional information and ingredient education. Consumers across age groups are aligned in the need for label clarity, demonstrating a deeply rooted issue that calls for resolution through simplified messaging,..."
    While price and availability limit purchases, proving authenticity, benefits, and clearly distinguishing organic from natural remains critical to driving growth. Pimwadee Aguilar, Associate Director Food & Drink - Thai Consumer ..."
    “As concerns about inflation and the rising cost of living intensify, free-from products face growing pressure to justify their presence in consumers’ shopping baskets. Messaging around the environment remains a key one for operators even amidst these pressures given the long term expected greater emphasis on this area.” – Angharad Goode,..."
    “COVID-19 has made consumers rethink their lifestyles and alter their diets in order to stay healthy, and this has created opportunities in the natural/organic market. Six out of 10 IoI consumers have admitted they think there should be more natural/organic products that can help improve the immune system, showing the..."
    “There is a pressing need for free-from products to justify their prices and improve their value for money image amid more cautious spending habits. In the longer term, the pandemic’s acceleration of sustainability and health trends will support the market’s continued growth. However, brands will have to go the extra..."
    “With the free-from trend now a firmly established phenomenon, growth is expected to slow. The spotlight on sustainability should, however, support the demand for dairy alternatives. Products catering for special occasions and those for children hold potential for growing sales among established users.” – Angharad Goode, Research Analyst This report examines the..."