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    High inflation has fuelled value growth in the market, amid falling volumes. Interest in freshness and variety multipacks point to opportunities for NPD.Claire Finnegan, Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    Salty snack brands are focusing on flavour innovation. Additionally, brands are striving to convey a more planet-friendly and better-for-you appeal. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    Snacks are becoming an indispensable source of joy in everyday life, with innovations around better-for-you upgrades and emotional comfort foods poised to fuel continued growth.A Mintel Analyst, Global Analyst ..."
    The greatest challenge facing salty snacks stems from consumer concerns about their health impact. As the snack industry embraces reductions in salt, oil and sugar, brands should strive to improve processes and formulations to boost the health benefits of their products – a dimension consumers consider to be the best..."
    Target frequent snackers with flavour combinations and multi-texture innovations. Capitalise on rising consumer interest in snacks free from palm oil.Anamika Banerji, Research Analyst - Food and Drink, India ..."
    Grow as a staple for satiety with a health/indulgence balance, unlock new occasions beyond downtime and trigger trial through functionality and global flavours.Rashmika Khanijou, Research Analyst ..."
    Identify and prioritise snackers willing to make an unbranded-to-branded switch. Unlock market potential with region-specific flavour and format innovation.Tulsi Joshi, Senior Food & Drink Analyst, India ..."
    Brand loyalties and habits are salient in the chip category. Yet, interest in flavor and BFY innovation also suggest that chip fans want to explore more ways to indulge their cravings. Kamari Davis, Research Analyst, Food & Drink ..."
    New flavours and non-HFSS activity helped support sales amid cost of living pressures, with better-for-you products and nuts offering further growth potential. Richard Caines, Principal Analyst, UK Food & Drink Research ..."

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    Salty snacks are all about the crave, creating an ever-present opportunity for fun new flavors and textures. John Owen, Associate Director - Food and Retail ..."
    Current snacking behavior represents a cultural shift. Brands are tasked with balancing comfort and newness, and satisfying both emotional and physical needs. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research - Food and Drink ..."
    As the purpose of snacking continues to evolve, flavor remains the central motivator. Innovation that pairs flavor with function can extend occasions even further. Sydney Riebe, Analyst - US Food and Drink ..."