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    Dairy alternative acceptance continues to grow slowly, yet the push beyond "milk" is slow in coming, especially among older adults. Mimi Bonnett, Director of Food, Drink & Foodservice Reports ..."
    Amidst high inflation brands can target curious flexitarians with inclusive messaging and affordability. Moreover, according to our dairy alternatives Germany report, precision fermentation will spur a second wave of market growth in the Germany dairy industry. Harry Meehan - Analyst ..."
    Focus on dialling up taste appeal, but also balance health and environmental credentials to charm consumers towards dairy alternative products.Pimwadee Aguilar, Associate Director Food & Drink - Thai Consumer ..."
    “Due to dairy alternatives’ comparatively high prices, the cost-of-living crisis has hit the demand for these. While the market will rebound strongly once consumers can reprioritise sustainability and health, products must prove their credentials in these areas. Bridging the gap between dairy and dairy alternatives on taste, texture and price..."
    Dairy alternative brands must prove their value beyond price amidst rising inflation and appeal more to flexitarians to democratise access to sustainable nutrition. Valentin Thies, Senior Research Analyst - Food & Drink ..."
    Dairy alternative manufacturers need to focus on flavour and texture innovation and use original positioning to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Hanna Mansour, Research Analyst – Food & Drink ..."
    “The COVID-19 outbreak has reinforced the importance of getting the right nutrition to support overall health, an enduring focus on health expected to be one of the lasting impacts of the pandemic. This points to heightened pertinence for nutrition-centred messages across the food and drink market, including for milk, with..."
    “The milk market is comprised of two distinct groups, dairy and non-dairy, with the former being the behemoth in terms of market share. However, non-dairy stealthily continues to grow its share through innovation and by leveraging eco-friendly and functional health attributes. While there is a degree of cannibalism between the..."
    “Once serving only a niche audience comprised of those who avoided dairy due to allergies or a vegan diet, dairy alternatives have seen tremendous growth in recent years, and are now used by adults across the dietary spectrum. Consumers have more choices than ever before, and long-time players are challenged..."