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    Plant-based meat alternatives will celebrate their inherent nutritional benefits while animal proteins can provide sustainable solutions to climate challenges. Megan Stanton, Director - Mintel Food and Drink ..."
    Sales continued to fall steeply in 2023. Highlighting sustainable credentials and clean-label positioning will be opportunity areas for the category moving forward. Isabelle Shilling, Research Analyst ..."
    Meat substitute brands are targeting flexitarian consumers with meatier textures and flavours. Sustainability and convenience are also innovation themes . Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    Plant-based innovation may be gaining momentum, but this niche category lacks consumer pull. Drive awareness by prioritising health, and use novelty to generate curiosity.Anamika Banerji, Research Analyst - Food and Drink, India ..."
    The now and next of proteins is centered around balancing tradeoffs in the areas of value, level of processing, ethical considerations and technology. Megan Stanton, Associate Director - Mintel Food and Drink ..."
    While meat substitutes may see a steadying of sales, they're set for growth as the meat reduction trend prevails – with a focus on personal and planetary health. Valentin Thies, Associate Director, Food & Drink ..."
    “There has never been more variety in how consumers can incorporate protein into their diets. Animal-based options such a meat and cheese remain most popular, but plant-based alternatives continue to make inroads. In Canada there is perceived demand for more protein, meaning there remains runway for innovation in this space..."
    “The impressive growth enjoyed by meat substitutes has faltered in 2022, as the COVID-boost has been lost and the income squeeze has made the high price of these more of a barrier. Driving awareness of their nutritional credentials and emphasising versatility can help these products navigate the income squeeze. Interest..."
    “Rising prices are prompting consumers to trade down to less expensive protein options demanding that brands work to demonstrate their value: cue the merits of flavor experiences. Variety, versatility and convenience delivered through flavor in recipe, build and meal planning inspiration can help consumers to navigate tighter budgets, while still..."
    “Protein is the focal point of consumers’ plates as well as discussions of health, sustainability and ethics. As consumers continue to lean on home cooking during inflation’s prolonged grip on wallets, they must decide how their definitions of value translate into their protein purchasing priorities. Balancing mealtime satisfaction with affordability,..."
    “The rise in meat prices, especially beef, has led most consumers to look for more affordable substitutes, such as chicken, pork and eggs, as well as cheaper cuts and offal. Brands can invest in kits, promotions and formats that make animal protein and its alternatives less expensive, without losing quality..."
    Meat substitutes are set for long-term growth as the meat reduction trend continues and people focus more on their own and the planet's health. Olivia Placzek, Research Analyst – Food & Drink ..."