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    Global foods offer Canadians new culinary experiences. The challenge lies in ensuring that innovation within this expansive space aligns with consumer demand.Joel Gregoire, Associate Director of Food & Drink Reports ..."
    “Whilst incomes remain squeezed the increase in at-home meal occasions presents significant potential for world cuisine brands. Responding to the widespread interest in products that are suitable for energy-efficient cooking appliances is particularly pertinent. Meanwhile, the appeal of meals consisting of multiple dishes on leisure occasions and authentic snacks and..."
    "The world cuisine retail market will benefit from these products offering an affordable alternative to eating out as incomes are squeezed in 2022. Familiar dishes ‘with a twist’ can help lower barriers to trial for less established cuisines, whilst versatile products suitable for meat-containing and meat-free meals can tap into..."
    “The long history of Chinese food in the US and its resulting ubiquity ensures its role as the most consumed Asian cuisine. Trends have come and gone, but there continues to be room for additional uptake of lesser-known types of Asian food including regional and emerging cuisines. Much of Asian..."
    Germans are keen travellers, and as COVID-19 has restricted their opportunities for physical travel, world cuisine brands offer a chance to travel through food. Annika Janicke, Research Analyst – Food & Drink ..."
    “Mexican cuisine is by far the most consumed Latin cuisine, reflecting not only availability but also its profound influence on US food culture. The mainstreaming of Mexican cuisine is nearing ubiquity, yet there is still room for Latin cuisine growth. The widespread popularity of Mexican cuisine suggests that there are..."
    “COVID-19 has brought about a considerable boost for the world cuisine market, thanks to many more evenings at home and the closure of the majority of foodservice establishments. Accompaniments/ingredients have been the driving force of this growth, demonstrating the uptick in cooking from scratch. Openness to healthier options bodes well..."
    The key is to align with consumers' evolving view of what makes a healthy breakfast, and the post-COVID-19 need for easy meals at home.Rushikesh Aravkar, Food & Drink Analyst - India ..."
    Global Annual Review: what's now and what's next for the nutrition, health and wellness market. Michelle Teodoro, Global Food Science Analyst ..."