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    Limiting products' perceived tradeoffs relative to homemade can deepen engagement among consumers already sold on the convenience and quality they bring to the table. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    Convenience and versatility pack a punch in protein. Strengthening the category means stressing protein's ability to fill bellies amidst economic uncertainty. Julia Mills, Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    Babies and toddlers have specific nutrition needs, and feeding them can be stressful. Help parents navigate, and be an invaluable resource as babies grow into kids. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research - Food and Drink ..."

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    Elevated food prices are having an impact on food- and drink-related behaviors but food consumers still place value on health, convenience and enjoyment. John Owen, Associate Director - Food and Retail ..."
    Building longer-term loyalty, shopping habits, and growth in the ISB will require a healthy balance of indulgence and meeting everyday needs. Innovation on the menu can create new occasions, but so can getting creative with pairings and merchandising that embraces the full power of the perimeter. Kelsey Olsen, Food &..."
    Brand loyalties and habits are salient in the chip category. Yet, interest in flavor and BFY innovation also suggest that chip fans want to explore more ways to indulge their cravings. Kamari Davis, Research Analyst, Food & Drink ..."
    Budget-friendly and customizable, tortillas and wraps are an unsung hero in breaking up meal-time monotony and stretching dishes across occasions. Julia Mills, Food & Drink Analyst ..."

    £ 3,695 (Excl.Tax)

    Salty snacks are all about the crave, creating an ever-present opportunity for fun new flavors and textures. John Owen, Associate Director - Food and Retail ..."
    Current snacking behavior represents a cultural shift. Brands are tasked with balancing comfort and newness, and satisfying both emotional and physical needs. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research - Food and Drink ..."
    As the purpose of snacking continues to evolve, flavor remains the central motivator. Innovation that pairs flavor with function can extend occasions even further. Sydney Riebe, Analyst - US Food and Drink ..."
    US lifestyles have rendered meals relative; snack bars' versatility primes them to fit within today's definition and the next. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    As snacking replaces main meals, the BFY snack is critical to meeting nutritional needs. Despite a crowded market, consumers want ideas for BFY snacks that are easy, satiating, and delicious. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research - Food and Drink ..."

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