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    With consumers feeling the effects of rising costs of living, coffee shops can benefit from presenting as an affordable foodservice and night-out activity.Brian O'Connor, Category Director - Irish Reports ..."
    Our Coffee Report Germany shows that amid the imminent expiry of the reduced VAT for eat-in food, coffee shops are well placed to position themselves as an affordable foodservice option to consumers. Eliana Riera-McInnes, Research Analyst - Foodservice..."
    Coffee shops remain a beloved haven for many. To further captivate their audience, brands must embrace a more inclusive and welcoming café and coffee shop scene. Trish Caddy, Principal Analyst - Foodservice ..."
    Although dairy coffee remains the first choice for most Chinese coffee drinkers, differentiated texture and decaf options can be provided with the increased fascination of customisation.Bernie Gao, Research Analyst, Food and Drink, Foodservice, China ..."
    “Coffee is deeply rooted in habit. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity for innovation. Added benefits, flavours and formats are ways coffees can differentiate themselves from one another. In the eyes of Canadians, coffee has many uses, including as a pick-me-up, for moments to connect and even to take..."
    "With the cost of a visit to a coffee shop increasing in 2022, and consumers having less disposable income, it is likely that overall footfall to Irish coffee shops will be impacted. However, Irish consumers are confirmed coffee users and can still be tempted in-store with a good value for..."
    "Older consumers are most likely to prefer to see the price of drinks increase if their favourite coffee shop had to make changes as a result of rising costs, while younger coffee shop consumers are more likely to respond well to alternative measures, such as reducing opening hours and using..."
    “China’s coffee market is still at an early stage with high growth potential that can be accelerated with store expansion and omnichannel marketing. Diversified special coffee drinks are favoured by most coffee drinkers in China and have become a sales booster for on-premise coffee brands in the past year. Meanwhile,..."
    “COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the overall foodservice sector, limiting the ability of coffee shops and cafés to operate in 2021. Despite this, Irish appetite for coffee and other hot drinks remains high, while issues surrounding single use takeaway cups remain an important issue.”– Brian O’Connor, Senior..."
    “Food-led venues have a competitive advantage as they are offering crowd-pleasing food choices while undercutting specialist coffee shops on the price of drinks. This can be managed if specialised coffee shops broaden their range of food options, as a third of consumers would be most interested in buying seasonal food..."
    “Thanks to the recovery of foodservice, on-premise coffee rebounded from COVID-19 quickly with the continued expansion of key players and investment flows in the industry. However, confronting competition from RTD and instant coffee formats, as well as growing product homogeneity in on-premise coffee, to be competitive brands must increase digitalisation..."
    The time is ripe to cater to the demand for coffee with added benefits, especially for younger Millennials. Delivering value-added experiences at home will be key.Tulsi Joshi, Senior Food & Drink Analyst, India ..."