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    With a growing interest in fresh, high-quality fast food, QSRs will benefit from improving and innovating for convenience and health amidst growing competition. Pooja Lal, Research Analyst ..."
    Fast casual restaurants can encourage consumers to trade up while trading down with local ingredients and versatile offerings that deliver added value. Eliana Riera-McInnes, Research Analyst - Foodservice ..."
    One of fast food's strengths is that it is affordable. Yet consumers' interest in gourmet versions of dishes should allow the sector to premiumise its offer. Trish Caddy, Principal Analyst - Foodservice ..."
    "Fast casual restaurant menus offer relatively healthy and customizable options at a value comparable to fast food restaurants, yet these attributes aren’t always recognized by diners. The segment is winning on convenience and value; but as discretionary spending tightens, fast casual operators are tasked with demonstrating the versatility of their..."
    Despite cutbacks, fast food profits from its value positioning. Appeal to the senses with craveable, tasty menu offerings to prove fast food’s value beyond price. Eliana Riera-McInnes, Foodservice Research Analyst ..."
    “The industry of quick service restaurants is expected to keep growing with even fiercer competition. Full service restaurants and street booths are additional competitors for businesses. Brands must maintain their competitive edge in convenience, keep an eye out for chances to extend and premiumise their offerings, and secure the mindshare..."
    “Fast food restaurants’ competitive edge, value, is at risk amidst economic uncertainty and tightened consumer budgets. QSR operators will need to work harder for consumers’ dining dollars, justifying the increase in menu prices by improving menu offerings, sustaining tech investments and delivering a highly personalized dining experience that builds long-term..."
    “Consumer behaviour within the fast food market continues to be polarised, as some associate value with low-cost food, and others associate it with high-quality burgers and chicken. As operators have been forced to pass rising costs on to customers, some brands are premiumising their offer with a range of more..."
    “Fast casual operators should seize the opportunity to capture new and existing diners to combat competition in other segments and become the go-to destination for all meal occasions. With the right marketing tactics and promotions, operators in this segment can continue to accelerate their growth and win with new and..."
    “QSR offerings and services, both on and off-premise, are rapidly evolving as automation and technological investments become ubiquitous in the industry. These are necessary investments that lend QSRs the opportunity to deliver a highly efficient and personalized experience to their customers, whose needs for value and convenience are now elevated..."
    “The pandemic has changed the way consumers consume fast food. Instead of relying solely on spontaneous visits from consumers seeking a convenient meal solution while they are on the move, fast food operators are now meeting consumer demand for a fast food treat with a sense of occasion.” – Trish Caddy,..."
    “The pandemic has caused a blurring of lines within the foodservice market as fast casual restaurants encroach into the space occupied by full-service restaurants by offering enhanced service features such as table service. Likewise, the use of better ingredients makes it more worthwhile for consumers to visit a fast casual..."