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    The rising cost of living has led 73% of takeaway orderers in Germany to reduce their overall takeaway food orders. Despite economic pressure, takeaway remains an important part of German consumers' habits, driven by the desire for convenience, variety and indulgence; "
    The expansion of convenient food ordering and collection channels such as drive-throughs and mobile kiosks is helping the takeaway market to continue its momentum. Trish Caddy, Associate Director - Foodservice ..."
    As high cost of living limits frequent dining out for many, third-parties and grocery retailers break new ground on food convenience and personalised experiences.Sam Fryers, Research Analyst - Ireland ..."
    “Consumers are opting to explore restaurant takeout and delivery methods that limit the added fees and higher prices associated with third-party delivery. Interest in direct ordering for takeout and delivery is quickly growing as consumers seek special offers and discounts through loyalty programs. Operators that provide off-premise experiences that are..."
    Takeaway serves as an affordable alternative to eating out. Operators can boost their value with deals, convenience and personalisation. Charlotte Sander, Associate Analyst ..."
    “While the pandemic may have accelerated the usage of online ordering and meal kits, the end of lockdowns does not portend these industries’ demise. A broader share of consumers claim they are ordering groceries online as the ubiquitous adoption of mobile technology enables new behaviours and habits. Although rising prices..."
    "Higher consumer confidence about dining in at restaurants since the pandemic has resulted in some consumers using takeaway services less often. However, ethnic foodservice sales have become more hard-earned than before, as operators are challenged to offer competitive deals and promotions whilst battling rising costs. Promisingly, consumers continue to be..."
    “Consumers have reduced the frequency of their orders since late 2021, as many people returned to their pre-COVID-19 habits, replacing takeaway services with the special experiences that only in-person dine-in participation can provide. As the rising cost of living has made ordering home delivery and takeaway regularly less appealing, the..."
    To respond to pent-up demand for dining-in, labour shortages and inflation, home delivery/takeaway brands can capitalise on their strengths by offering collection deals, adapting to the flexible needs of hybrid workers and efficiently manage resources in dark kitchens. Hannah Sandow, Research Analyst ..."
    Perpetuate at-home dining post-pandemic with convenience and experience positionings.Saptarshi Banerjee, Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, India ..."
    “Consumers are facing pandemic fatigue and are enthusiastically returning to dining out. Their interest in and usage of takeout/delivery offerings remains virtually unchanged but is set to grow even further. As technological and operational advancements strengthen off-premise offerings across the industry, operators will need to compete on delivering the perfect..."
    “Flexible working practices have resulted in a dispersed consumer base, making it less viable for foodservice operators to rely on earnings from one retail format. Therefore, alternative concepts including street food markets, dark kitchens and drive-throughs will enable ethnic foodservice brands to expand their catchment areas and make ethnic cuisines..."