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    Building longer-term loyalty, shopping habits, and growth in the ISB will require a healthy balance of indulgence and meeting everyday needs. Innovation on the menu can create new occasions, but so can getting creative with pairings and merchandising that embraces the full power of the perimeter. Kelsey Olsen, Food &..."
    Strengthening breakfast and snack offerings at c-stores can transform consumer perceptions of foodservice quality, helping establish parity with QSRs. Varchasvi, Research Analyst ..."
    In an increasingly competitive retail grocery competitive landscape, foodservice has become a key platform for differentiation and growth. John Owen, Associate Director - Food and Retail ..."
    “In-store bakeries currently benefit from financial motivation to eat at home. Successful ISBs will continue their evolution as a destination for everyday pick-me-ups and fresh meal solutions. While competition with center of store is stiff, presenting ISB as an alternative to foodservice highlights value alongside convenience, ease and freshness.” – Sydney..."
    “C-store operators have an opportunity to build strong, long-lasting relationships with customers through loyalty memberships that encourage repeat visitation and boost the purchase of in-store food and drink items. Consumers will continue to seek out a wide variety of high-quality menu and packaged food and drink items that can fulfill..."
    “Foodservice is a key strategic focus for retailers as they compete with restaurants and other foodservice operators for consumer food dollars. Expanded menu options, streamlined ordering and easy pairing with fresh foods to be cooked at homes represent ways for retailers to leverage their own strengths and respond to consumer..."
    “C-store foodservice is in a unique position, as it must first consider how gas prices will affect foot traffic. Loyalty programs are an important tool in connecting in-store purchases to paying less at the pump. Supporting other trends in-store, like BFY options, trending flavors, delivery and even sustainability helps connect..."
    “The in-store bakery pulled itself up from the loss faced during early pandemic months to post a record year of sales growth in 2021. In the context of prolonged elevated reliance on retailers and at-home food, a spotlight is shining on all grocery categories that can help consumers break the..."
    “Foodservice in retail suffered in the early stages of the pandemic, but the forces that made foodservice a priority for grocery retailers before the pandemic are as strong as ever. Retailers compete against an ever-widening array of convenient meal options and must meet shoppers’ elevated expectations for variety, quality and..."
    “In-store bakery sales declined for the first time in more than a decade in 2020, as some retailers shut down bakeries during the initial phase of pandemic response and consumers turned to affordable aisle offerings and online shopping channels during a time of uncertainty and disruption. But the dip doesn’t..."
    “Convenience stores’ foodservice sales are suffering during the pandemic due to far fewer drivers on the roads and an increase in online and bulk grocery shopping. Temporary halts of self-service foodservice options also hurt sales in 2020. C-stores must recover foodservice sales by stealing a page from restaurants’ playbooks and..."
    “While COVID-19 has forced many retailers to scale back high-contact self-serve prepared food offerings, foodservice will emerge from the pandemic more essential than ever to grocery retailers’ long-term growth prospects but will also face even greater competition. Now is the time for retailers to explore expanded menus and ways to..."