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    "Cannabis edibles and beverages are navigating the crossroads of consumer wellness demands and regulatory complexities. As premium and health-focused offerings surge in popularity, accurate dosing, consistent quality and education efforts become pivotal, setting the stage for brands that prioritize both innovation and consumer trust." - Fiona O’Donnell, Senior Director – US..."
    “The landscape of cannabis and health in the US is rapidly evolving. A growing acceptance of cannabis, increased interest in cannabis products, rising trends in micro-dosing, exploration of alternative consumption methods and an emerging focus on targeted treatment options drive growth. These trends signify a shift towards a more holistic..."
    "The cannabis industry is on a positive growth trajectory thanks to expanding legalization and increased consumption. Still, the industry faces hurdles including heavy regulation, price compression, oversupply and intense competition. Dispensaries need to adapt to this rapidly evolving industry by rethinking store format, highlighting wellness drivers and savvy promotional activity." -..."
    “The cannabis market has always been distinctive and complex. Usage remained steady in 2022 despite high inflation that is expected to continue in 2023, which further demonstrates its uniqueness, especially compared to other discretionary products. Users are unwilling to forgo cannabis, even as prices rise, presenting an opportunity for brands..."
    “CBD and THC are unique products in their own right that happen to have some opportunities when used together—either in a single dose or as part of a routine. Build on the strengths of both by showing appropriate uses for each and help consumers manage their expectations regarding effects to..."
    “Cannabis accessories are necessary for consumption of a range of cannabis formats, and simply elevates others. Unlike cannabis, they are not restricted for sale, making one of the key opportunities expanding purchase locations. Even still, dispensaries remain the bedrock of the market, as these retail locations also provide necessary knowledge..."
    “While cannabeauty use remains relatively low, the category has experienced steady growth in adoption from 2020-22. What’s more, strong future interest points to a market poised for future growth. Overcoming the hurdle of new product trial amid a time of inflationary pressures will be a challenge in the near term...."
    “In an era of high demand for functional foods, the use of CBD in food and drink aligns with current wellness trends. However, questions over efficacy and consistent quality challenge willingness to invest in this relatively new category during times of record high inflation.” – Fiona O’Donnell, Senior Director – US..."
    “While health is a strong opportunity for CBD brands, market players shouldn’t assume consumers know the benefits of the compound and the products that contain it. Education efforts are still in order to communicate what CBD is, what it does, how to use it and, most importantly, that it works.”-..."
    "While usage of CBD remains steady from 2021-22, the novelty appears to be fading as interest among non-users and amount of usage has declined slightly over the past year. Brands will need to focus on both enticing new users through clear education efforts, as well as on engaging current users..."
    “Cannabis food and drink are growing segments of the larger cannabis market, holding strong potential for future growth. Edibles are a far more established sub-market than drinkables, but consumers show interest in a variety of flavors and formats among each. Edibles also win out as an alcohol alternative, indicating that..."
    “Cannabis is a growing market, driven by the introduction of new consumers through legalization and research about new applications. A holistic approach to health that includes physical, mental, sexual and spiritual wellbeing opens the most doors. Medical patients are qualitatively different than recreational consumers and their needs and preferences should..."