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    The light exercise habits of Chinese consumers are a double-edged sword for brands. It will not only affect the sales of hard core professional performance nutrition in the short term, but also provide new ideas for the development of the brand as an overall healthy lifestyle companion.Pepper Peng, Senior..."
    While low-cost gyms are set to benefit in times of high inflation, mid-market brands can convince German consumers with offers that aim to improve total wellbeing such as medical treatments. Silvia Hondt, Research Analyst - Travel & Leisure..."
    Consumers are prioritizing their health and wellbeing more than ever, leaving endless opportunities for fitness facilitators to be personal guides along the way. Diana Smith, Associate Director - Retail & eCommerce ..."
    “Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis and increases to the price of gym memberships, consumers continue to prioritise services that benefit their health and wellbeing. However, in order to sustain growth, operators need to cater to less affluent and older consumers – both of which offer huge opportunities for..."
    “A focus on public health and individual wellbeing can help leisure centres and swimming pools unlock much-needed investment and tap into growing consumer interest in self-care.” –   David Walmsley, Senior Leisure Analyst This report discusses the following key topics: The impact of the cost of living crisis on public leisure..."
    “The relative affluence of the exercise market’s core participation base is insulating it against the worst of the cost-of-living crisis but the activity of less well-off groups has not yet recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and is now threatened again by rising costs and falling public facility provision.” - David Walmsley,..."
    While still recovering from the pandemic's impact, fitness providers can tackle the cost-of-living crisis by showing their value through social circles and unique exercise types exclusively accessible at facilities. Hannah Sandow, Senior Analyst – Health & Wellbeing ..."
    “Home fitness is not an extension of gym training. Doing exercise at home is nothing different from the typical relaxing, chilled and entertaining leisure activities at home, such as listening to music and watching variety shows. Home fitness encourages more people to pick up the exercising habit given that it..."
    “74% of consumers would either make changes to, or cancel entirely, their health and fitness club memberships in order to save money amidst the backdrop of the cost of living crisis. Clubs should increasingly offer a range of tiered membership subscriptions to cater for consumers’ needs, as well as presenting..."
    “The large majority of leisure centres and swimming pools survived the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic but inflationary pressures and the cost-of-living crisis are now adding to the threat that long-running investment issues pose to the most vulnerable.” - David Walmsley, Senior Leisure Analyst, August 2022 Key issues covered in this Report ..."
    “Consumers are actively improving their exercise and fitness levels as COVID-19 inspires numerous trends across the Irish market. Consumers turned to exercise as a way to escape the lockdowns and relieve stress, but also for moments of enjoyment, whether it was going for a socially distanced walk or following along..."
    “While gyms and other paid exercise venues are seeing a rapid return of customers following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, the looming cost-of-living crisis threatens to push people back to the cheaper in-home and outdoor activity they became accustomed to during lockdowns.” – David Walmsley, Senior Leisure Analyst, April 2022 This Report..."