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    Rising living costs in 2022 led many people to reassess their spending, including on groceries. Many made the healthiness of their diets a lower priority, with a marked dip in those reporting to eat healthily all/most of the time. With consumer finances expected to improve gradually going forward, healthy dietary..."
    Rising prices and busy routines increasingly put quality nutrition at odds with daily life, blurring snack and meal spaces and giving shortcuts like nutrition drinks an added edge. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    Parents are seeking to meet new needs for teenagers beyond learning and health, and teens' consciousness of health issues is also starting to blossom. The market demand for teenager-targeted health products has not yet been fully met, leaving white space for brands to capture.Catherine Liu, Principal Analyst, China Insights ..."
    With the current trend for precise and science-based parenting, uncovering potential appetites that exist in the gaps between current product ranges and demographic demands has become an important jumping-off point for product innovation.Qianqian Ji, Senior Analyst, Health and Wellbeing, China ..."
    Inflation has propelled sales in 2023. Re-emerging health focus will support sales. A keen interest in a wider range of natural products holds untapped potential. Claire Finnegan, Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    As snacking replaces main meals, the BFY snack is critical to meeting nutritional needs. Despite a crowded market, consumers want ideas for BFY snacks that are easy, satiating, and delicious. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research - Food and Drink ..."
    In a world full of conflicting information, consumers want to receive clear and objective advice on food and drink.Laura Menegon, Analyst Food & Drink, LATAM ..."
    Targeting an ageing society and moderate exercisers via customisation, evidence-based claims and less processed, natural offerings could unlock category growth. Katrin Förster, Food & Drink Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    Taste and health are important attributes for consumers. Recent patent innovations aim to reduce the fat content of food without compromising its sensory profile. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst - Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Encourage trial with familiar botanicals, 'real' fruits/nuts and naturalness. Offer multifunctional health solutions tailored for distinct health-seeker cohorts. Tulsi Joshi, Senior Food & Drink Analyst, India ..."
    The evolution of consumers' approach to wellness, coupled with brands' BFY innovation, encourages consumers to have their cake and eat it, too. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    “The era of intentional spending is expected to drive food and drink with health and nutritional positioning towards higher quality, as consumers are forced to reassess their real needs due to reduced discretionary funds. Meanwhile, consumers' desire for healing and slow living during the period of economic recovery will likely..."