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    Our wellness travel Germany market research shows that brands can shift to a holistic wellness experience and focus on diverse activities, such as fitness, nutrition, and natural remedies to increase the participation in wellness holidays. Silvia Hondt, Research Analyst - Travel & Leisure..."
    Education is a crucial element to help reduce shame and help empower women to seek relief instead of opting to deal with struggles on their own. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst - Health & Wellness ..."
    With rise of escapism, brands need to validate consumers' experiences around stress, while providing products that empathize and motivate a betterment of one's holistic wellness. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    Wellness travel has great potential to help holidaymakers release stress and provide them with tools to better cope with uncertainty. Marloes De Vries, Travel Analyst ..."
    Consumers are overwhelmed in a market crowded with wellbeing claims, leading to distrust, which brands can remedy with guidance and education. Georgia Stafford, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    “Stress ranks as the top cause of emotional issue of Chinese consumers. The jobless, low-earners, young generations, solo-living consumers and new moms are seen as more vulnerable to mental issues. Consumers now are seeking for emotional wellbeing through more relaxing and accessible ways, such as de-stress leisure activities, going to..."
    Opportunities lie in optimising nutrition for holistic ageing, innovating in the comfort snacking space and developing sensory cues for the mind.Rashmika Khanijou, Research Analyst ..."
    "Contrary to misconceptions, gamers are interested in improving their wellness, and consider games an excellent way to reduce stress and fostering social opportunities. Players want video games that help reduce anxiety and create more positive social interactions. Combating toxicity online may accomplish both." - Brian Benway, Gaming and Entertainment Analyst This Report..."
    "Wellbeing is an important topic for Brazilians, no longer restricted to one or another category but covering different areas of consumers’ lives. Therefore, brands and companies from different categories have the opportunity to enter the wellness market, but to do so, they need to make themselves relevant, identifying which wellness..."
    “After facing heightened periods of stress during the pandemic, Americans are paying greater attention to their mental health and making conscientious efforts to boost their emotional wellbeing and cognitive performance. These efforts are paying off for many, with consumers overall reporting better mental health than before the pandemic.Still, over one..."
    “Technology offers a convenient and cost effective way to help consumer’s reach their health goals. Brands need to focus on health outcomes and aspirations in order to overcome barriers to using technology as well as placing data privacy at the heart of any digital proposition. Longer term, technology’s main strength..."
    As Germans navigate multiple crises, incorporating stress-relief benefits into everyday products will help consumers take charge of their own mental wellbeing. Hannah Sandow, Health & Wellbeing Senior Analyst, Germany ..."