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    COVID-19 restrictions drew more families into staycations. The cost-of-living crisis creates a new opportunity to promote budget trips to families feeling the squeeze. John Worthington, Senior Analyst ..."
    France is challenged by its expensive image, but the widening gap in travellers' budgets brings opportunities to promote both low-cost and boutique accommodation. Marloes De Vries, Travel Analyst ..."
    “Trips taken by Irish consumers have increased between 2021 and 2022 as consumers become less concerned with COVID-19, however the onset of the cost of living crisis has arrested recovery of the sector somewhat.”– Brian O’Connor, Category Director for IrelandThis Report looks at the following areas:The impact COVID-19 has..."
    “The security that package holidays offer has become a less important purchase driver as a result of increased confidence in travel. However, the segment still has the potential to benefit from interest in all-inclusive holidays as more consumers look to control costs. Meanwhile, short breaks overseas remain under pressure, which..."
    "Demand for holidays to Spain will continue to improve in 2023, however, high inflation will prevent the market from recovering as quickly as it would under more stable economic conditions. Nonetheless, affordability will be a key competitive advantage for Spain in the current environment and will play a vital role..."
    "Overseas holidays are back on the cards for many Brits, with consumer sentiment set to return to similar levels seen prior to the pandemic. Over half of Brits are planning on heading abroad for a holiday in 2023, with 41% planning a European holiday and 19% planning a long-haul getaway...."
    In times of squeezed incomes, domestic tourism brands can position themselves as the smart and cheaper choice (eg cheaper departure and arrival by train) compared to travelling abroad. Silvia Hondt, Research Analyst - Travel & Leisure ..."
    “Although the domestic market provides an attractive option for those looking to save money on travelling abroad, there is also a group of consumers who are looking forward to exploring destinations outside of the UK after these were off limits for so long. The countryside has the potential to appeal..."
    “Some consumers remain more receptive to the extra protection offered by package holidays, which has resulted in a slight shift towards this booking method. Higher demand for beach holidays and luxury travel also benefits the package holiday segment as these trips account for a larger share of bookings made as..."
    “As travel continues to recover in 2022, different types of vacations fiercely compete with each other for travelers. The multiday theme park vacation, though far from the first choice for vacationers, is nonetheless poised to recover from the pandemic decline. Theme parks will have to balance improving revenue with the..."
    “In a competitive market, with relatively low brand differentiation (outside of the leading holiday centre brands Butlin’s and Center Parcs), catering for rising visitor expectations in terms of accommodation, facilities and experiences has become vital for success.” – John Worthington, Senior Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: Previous experience of..."
    "The number of consumers taking a holiday (domestically or overseas) took a massive decline during COVID-19. Consumers have concerns surrounding travel as the risk can be higher of contracting the virus and have been seeking out alternative holidays such as staycations. Companies will need to offer new innovative holidays in..."