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    As consumers become more frugal, home improvement stakeholders need to better demonstrate the return on investment. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."
    DIY retailers in Germany can inspire Germans' 'improve not move' mentality with store-branded products, DIY communities, personalised project guidance, and online performance upgrades. Charlotte Sander - Associate Analyst ..."
    “We will see the bathroom market experiencing marginal growth brought on by price increases due to inflation in 2023. The cost of living crisis has many spending on smaller-ticketed projects like decorating and accessorising as they face a fall in disposable income vital for taking on bigger-ticketed projects.” – Bridget McCusker,..."
    “The cost of living crisis has impacted the DIY market as we see consumers taking on smaller home improvement projects with lower spend. We see DIY retailers addressing the uncertainty brought on by rising inflation by enhancing their value propositions for its shoppers. The DIY market is perfectly situated to..."
    “Economic realities are causing consumers to reassess their home improvement plans to determine the best way forward. While many are making concessions, like reducing the scope or delaying a project, the fact remains that home improvements remain an item on to-do lists for the majority of Canadians. In addition to..."
    “Renovation needs will likely become the main driving force for bathroom products purchase. Beyond functional products, consumers are pursuing a more enjoyable bathroom experience. Bathroom product brands can expand the role of the bathroom to a home space where all family members (pets included) can relax and enjoy. Moreover, delivering..."
    "The pandemic increased the importance of home and broadened its function to take the place of the office, school and gym. That in turn drove a wave of home improvement work over the past two years. Yet as the pandemic becomes an endemic, Mintel expects the market to remain robust...."
    DIY retail sales declined in 2021, but the sector is well placed to grow slightly thanks to a focus on interconnected retail and energy-efficient products in 2022. Carolin Jaretzke, Associate Director Retail ..."
    “Effective engagement with consumers, especially in an uncertain economic climate, will hinge on capitalizing on shifts in behavior from the pandemic, including their investment in home spaces and use of online channels, social media and influencers. Challenges lie in rising costs, which may demand suppliers emphasize high value and affordability..."
    “The bathroom market has proved impressively resilient over the past two years, buoyed by redirected expenditure and a newfound appreciation of the home. However, sales are set to fall in the coming year as the market faces the brunt of inflation, supply chain disruption and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.” –..."
    “Spain is facing a growing cost of living crisis and consumer enthusiasm for DIY and home improvements has cooled since the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. Sector specialists’ sales growth is expected to slow in 2022. Price will be uppermost in the minds of those shoppers feeling the financial squeeze and..."
    “With a gradual trend of decline in the proportion of Italians shopping at DIY retailers, store operators are increasingly having to look for new sources of revenue, which is resulting in a high level of innovation and experimentation in the market. While in the short-term the cost of living crisis..."