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    The category continues to struggle in the current climate, but the necessity nature of many appliances has somewhat cushioned the decline. Sam Nguyen, Retail Analyst ..."
    The demand for upgrades to home appliance effects and functions remains robust among consumers in lower tier cities. They seek products that enhance efficiency daily while complementing their personalities.Frank Zhang, Senior Research Analyst, Lifestyle, China ..."
    "With the massive release of demand due to COVID-19 pandemic in the past few years and people’s more rational consumption sentiment towards non-necessities, it has become increasingly difficult to drive growth in the ownership of small kitchen appliances. Despite this, consumers still have high expectations for kitchen appliances that provide..."
    The major home appliances market is highly challenging. Brands need to increase the 'sense of value' through a combination of practical product iterations and services. Catering to the unmet needs of segment consumer groups can also be a way to drive business.Binyan Yao, Research Analyst, Retail, China ..."
    “With the growing demand for high-quality kitchen life, the outlook for large kitchen appliances remains positive. However, it will take longer for the market to return to pre-pandemic levels due to continued uncertainty and a more rational spending sentiment among consumers. Growth opportunities lie in driving the adoption of emerging..."
    A slowing housing market and squeezed budgets threaten the German domestic appliances market, while high energy prices make efficiency a focus as consumers look for ways to save money. Dr. Carolin Siepmann - Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    “With rising demand for a clean and healthy home living environment, the outlook for household and cleaning appliances remains positive. The growth opportunity lies in solving cleaning pain points, such as different flooring materials and dead corners. Smart cleaning solutions using advanced technologies is a key innovation direction. Meanwhile, floor..."
    “The impact of inflation on the major household appliance market is both profound and complex. Many low-income consumers are delaying upgrades, but for 54% of buyers, breakdowns are the biggest purchase driver. When that happens, demand is relatively inelastic. When we add the impact of mid- to upper-income consumers who..."
    "Already impacted by a natural rebalancing of in-home demands post-pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and housing market slowdown as a by-product have taken a toll on the major domestic appliances sector. However, disruption also opens up new areas of demand, with energy efficiency the standout performer. In fact, half of consumers..."
    “While nearly all consumers prioritize major household appliances’ functionality over design, that does not mean that aesthetics are unimportant. Spending more time at home due to the pandemic means that Canadians have placed newfound importance in upgrading their homes. Major household appliance retailers and manufacturers must continue to both replenish..."
    "The cost-of-living crisis will shift consumer behaviour to be more value-oriented. The small domestic appliance market has remained resilient in recent years, aided by extended periods at home and the shift to consumers doing more home-cooking and being at home more, with some participating in a blended working environment. Spending..."
    “Though the overall small kitchen appliance market is under pressure, appliances apt for a healthy and convenient diet, such as automatic cooking machines and air fryers, see greater growth potential. The family-cooking scenarios (eg cooking as a parent-children activity and appliances as educational tools) help uncover new territory for small..."