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    Despite the category's discretionary nature, seasonal changes and the emotional benefits outdoor spaces can provide are avenues to drive engagement, and sales. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    As bigger-ticket purchases are delayed, homewares has entered the spotlight as an affordable means to refresh the home, going beyond mere functionality. Sam Nguyen, Retail Analyst ..."
    Despite the rebalancing of demand and the cost-of-living crisis, there are still opportunities during this time of uncertainty, driven by the spotlight on health and wellbeing. Sam Nguyen, Retail Analyst ..."
    The cost-of-living crisis will constrain demand for kitchens in the short term, but there is still scope to grow, driven by the newfound appreciation for the home. Sam Nguyen, Retail Analyst ..."
    “Already impacted by a natural rebalancing of demand post-pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis has further hit consumer spending, especially on big-ticket items like furniture. However, it’s not always about trading down. 67% of consumers would prefer to trade up to high-quality items with longevity and 42% bought new furniture to treat..."
    “Consumers prioritise practicality and functionality when choosing furniture products, while still valuing the unique design and aesthetics of furniture that allow them to express their personality and taste. Furniture brands should strike a good balance between functionality and distinctive design. Additionally, there is increasing demand for furniture specially designed for..."

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    “The past few years have prompted consumers to focus on re-examining their home space. For many, the home is an extension of self, and consumers seek home linens that complement their unique personalities. However, consumers expect their home linens to provide health and beauty benefits in addition to being aesthetically..."
    "Consumers are coming to recognize sleep’s contribution to overall health and the direct relationship between quality sleep and other areas of holistic health. However, high penetration and long purchase cycles continue to challenge category players in growing the market, especially as budget-conscious consumers delay purchases until the economy stabilizes. Mattress..."
    “After experiencing a recovery during 2021, the short-term outlook for those involved with living and dining room furniture is expected to be challenging. Both expenditure and a propensity to purchase high-ticket items will be impacted. In surviving such challenges, a focus on value and exploitation of trends such as online..."
    “The cost of living crisis facing many consumers is expected to bring about a further set of challenges to a kitchen market only recently recovered from the pandemic. In particular, a focus on value from buyers can be expected. Adding further to pressures for manufacturers and retailers, online is expected..."
    “The longer-lasting ramifications of the pandemic are growing apparent, both in how consumers shop for furniture, and in the reassessment of priorities within the marketplace. However, after two years of impressive resilience, furniture sales are set to fall in the coming year as they face the brunt of inflation, supply..."
    “The pandemic has stimulated a re-assessment of living spaces and interior décor within consumers’ homes. One of the effects of COVID-19 has been influencing decisions on where to live. In combination with those seeking or having performed renovations, furniture sales will follow suit. Although dependence on online shopping during the..."