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    Black and Hispanic adults are frequent gamers who strongly identify with the gamer label, making gaming a key lifestyle aspect. While character customization is crucial for Black gamers, Hispanic gamers thrive on community and social connections, playing diverse titles across many devices where social opportunities arise. Emphasizing community boosts engagement..."
    The sports betting industry is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing legalization of platforms and strategic advertising efforts by operators. Currently, one-third (33%) of consumers have engaged in some form of sports betting over the past year, with over half (58%) of these bettors placing wagers at least once..."

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    This report looks at the following areas:Participation in various leisure activities in the past month, and how this has changed over time.Factors influencing choice of leisure activity with a focus on the growing emphasis on wellness.Leisure behaviours and preferences and what young adults prioritise for their free time.How leisure providers..."
    Consumer interest in competitive socialising has been resilient during the cost of living crisis, but visit frequency rates and venue spend have dipped. As the economic outlook continues to gradually improve, the underlying strength of the market over recent years and the proven success of the formula should see a..."
    VR, cloud gaming and AI are reshaping the future of gaming, offering immersive experiences and broadening accessibility for all player demographics. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Canada's gaming industry thrives on government support, talent and innovation, primed to lead globally with AR/VR and 5G technologies. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    A broad non-mobile gaming market exists with high consumer engagement, presenting opportunities in accessories and games for older consoles, as well as sales of desired devices like PlayStation 5 and gaming laptops, especially among younger men. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Brands that blend viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback incorporation as part of their marketing mix see success in the gaming space. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    The gambling industry is strong, with Gen Z and Millennials representing much of the growth in participation. Catering to their needs is key to keep things rolling. Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    The Paris Olympics are the most-anticipated major sporting event of 2024 but football’s European Championship will be more important in consumer spending terms. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."
    Don't let your Skibidi gyatt pay the Fanum tax for weak Ohio rizz. You need a no cap rizzler with sigma Gen Z and Alpha battlepass drip, my brother. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    Quality of experience and content are key factors for consumers when choosing which theme park to visit. Brands should develop IP storytelling capabilities while also leveraging new technologies new technologies, a sense of uniqueness and cultural elements to strengthen the appeal the appeal of their IPs and stimulate visitors' in-park..."