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    Home cooking has strong health and money-saving associations. Simple recipes and ideas on how to deliver flavour to meat-free meals will be key opportunities. Isabelle Shilling, Research Analyst ..."
    Money matters for home cooks, yet prepared ingredients rise as time and stress savers. In future, AI technology will reshape how Germans plan and cook their meals.Adam Millward, Research - Mintel Reports ..."
    The fusion cuisine, interest exploration, and target group expansion strategies can help to regain the lost audience for Western-style cooking.Jocelyn Xu, Senior Research Analyst – Food & Drink ..."
    Meals are a medley of senses and emotions. With so many moving parts – and room for error – brands and retailers can play a major role in this daily ritual. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    "The pandemic served as an accelerant for a trend that was already in motion, and economic conditions will only fuel outdoor cooking behaviors. Adults are drawn to the category for its many benefits: flavor, experience, even health. Yet everyday outdoor cooking occasions and frequency, as well as ownership, are challenged..."
    “By and large, Canadians like the idea of cooking. For many, it provides a sense of satisfaction and even stress relief. Many also feel more confident in the kitchen following the pandemic. The evolution in meal preparation moving forward is likely to be influenced by generational shifts with today’s younger..."
    “Increased at-home meal occasions due to the income squeeze hold multiple opportunities for both ingredients and prepared foods. In the short term, calling out suitability for batch-cooking and less traditional cooking methods will tap into some of the key ways in which people are looking to save money. Further ahead,..."
    As Thais plan to cook more at home, experimenting in the kitchen is set to grow, creating avenues for brands to offer novel recipes and enhance cooking experiences.Rashmika Khanijou, Research Analyst ..."
    Hybrid working presents opportunities to call out suitability for the lunch-at-home occasion and to target health-oriented scratch cooks with veg-centric options. Katrin Förster, Food & Drink Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    “Healthy eating continues to drive usage of healthier cooking methods and sustained attention to light diet and naturalness, indicating the opportunity for both upgraded cooking appliances such as air fryers and healthier condiments such as sugar substitute. Brands should also help young consumers with adaptive cooking to keep them engaged..."
    “While the number of home cooks is higher than it’s been in recent years, interest in cooking has hit a low. Consumers emerged from pandemic restriction enthusiastic about dining out. However, 2022 quickly ushered in a new limitation: inflation, which is forcing many back into the kitchen for cost savings...."
    “As a result of the pandemic, many consumers developed new cooking skills and habits that have persisted after the lockdowns on dining out have ended and, not only are they cooking at home more often, the majority of consumers don’t mind doing so. Consumers are eager to learn new cooking..."