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    Black and Hispanic adults are frequent gamers who strongly identify with the gamer label, making gaming a key lifestyle aspect. While character customization is crucial for Black gamers, Hispanic gamers thrive on community and social connections, playing diverse titles across many devices where social opportunities arise. Emphasizing community boosts engagement..."
    VR, cloud gaming and AI are reshaping the future of gaming, offering immersive experiences and broadening accessibility for all player demographics. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Canada's gaming industry thrives on government support, talent and innovation, primed to lead globally with AR/VR and 5G technologies. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    A broad non-mobile gaming market exists with high consumer engagement, presenting opportunities in accessories and games for older consoles, as well as sales of desired devices like PlayStation 5 and gaming laptops, especially among younger men. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Brands that blend viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback incorporation as part of their marketing mix see success in the gaming space. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Don't let your Skibidi gyatt pay the Fanum tax for weak Ohio rizz. You need a no cap rizzler with sigma Gen Z and Alpha battlepass drip, my brother. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    It is an exciting time for mobile gaming; AR/VR advancements, cloud gaming and monetization innovations bode well for consumers and brands alike.Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    The gaming industry moves fast, with new trends outpacing development. Live service games can be a costly risk that must be treated as more than a revenue source. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    The video game industry keeps growing each year, attracting a broad group of players. Gamers are investing in new hardware, which is driving accessory interest. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    Subscription gaming appears here to stay with deep roots in console multiplayer. Players enjoy them most for the value and quality games they bring to the table. Brian Benway, Research Analyst, Gaming and Entertainment ..."
    Advancements in AI and cloud gaming technologies are set to make gaming more engaging and accessible, strengthening its position as a preferred pastime. Jan Urbanek, Principal Analyst ..."
    VR is slowly catching on but still requires costly support. Many gamers are interested in VR, but new tech is expensive. Holiday deals may boost older models sales. Brian Benway, Research Analyst, Gaming and Entertainment ..."