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    Despite spending cutbacks, people are more likely to trade up when buying food and drink for guests, with an emphasis on convenience and sharing products. Richard Caines, Principal Analyst, UK Food & Drink Research ..."
    Technology advancements, such as the use of generative AI, will appeal to viewers to help reduce decision fatigue and enhance the viewing experience. Yogita Burke, Cross-category Research Analyst ..."
    Streaming services rethink business models to generate more revenue. Consumers remain overwhelmed by choice, instead opting for old favorites or social video. A Mintel Analyst, Global Analyst ..."
    "The cost-of-living crisis has temporarily dampened overall consumer demand for paid-for video streaming services, but it has also hastened the development of ad-supported services. Lower cost ad-supported tiers are initially being introduced by SVoD providers as a way to sustain subscriber growth after price increases, but over the longer term..."
    “The pandemic has taken a toll on home entertaining, with fewer people gathering and fewer occasions celebrated in 2022 than in 2019. There are key segments of the population who are eager to entertain, however, including parents with kids under 18. Encouraging these consumers to celebrate even small occasions can..."
    “Live streaming shopping no longer just means low prices for consumers. Future opportunity lies in generating higher-quality content. This requires brands to develop a live streaming strategy that considers both sales and brand influence. Meanwhile, it illustrates that live streaming commerce has entered the second stage of competition – one..."
    Streaming services are facing declining reach among younger Germans. By leveraging social features, services can capitalise on younger consumers' peer orientation and consolidate their content as social must-haves. Jan Urbanek, Senior Analyst, Consumer Technology, Germany ..."
    “Gaming is already an entertainment industry juggernaut, and gaming-inspired entertainment serves to further reinforce that appeal for fans. Film production studios need to be mindful of fans’ expectations, but those fans will happily ignore negative critics to go see their favorite characters on the big screen.” – Brian Benway, Gaming and..."
    “Whilst no market is immune to the pressures consumers are facing financially, music is relatively resilient given its importance in consumers’ lives for enjoyment and escapism. The exceptional value provided by streaming services, for access to vast libraries of music, will be boosted by growing and diverse content such as..."
    “Despite flashy new home entertainment tech innovations, consumers are hesitant to make any major upgrades. While ultra-high-definition televisions and newest generation gaming consoles are imagined to be the ultimate desire for Canadians, this is not necessarily the truth. When it comes to buying new tech for the home, cost and..."
    “As more consumers continue to cut the cord on traditional media, they have added more streaming services. However, as costs increase and services compete for finite time and household entertainment budgets, consumers may take a second look at the value their subscriptions deliver and opt to make cuts. Services should..."
    “Canada likes consuming video content. While linear TV once reigned supreme, on-demand streaming services now corner the market. When deciding what to subscribe to, Canadians are motivated by two major factors: cost and content. Consumers are drawn to quality content and appreciate the choice of tiered subscription models.”– Candace..."