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Mintel’s Leisure market research combines the latest consumer intelligence, market insights and expert recommendations to help you to understand consumer behaviour and anticipate what’s next in the Leisure industry.

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    The gambling industry is strong, with Gen Z and Millennials representing much of the growth in participation. Catering to their needs is key to keep things rolling. Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    The Paris Olympics are the most-anticipated major sporting event of 2024 but football’s European Championship will be more important in consumer spending terms. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."
    Don't let your Skibidi gyatt pay the Fanum tax for weak Ohio rizz. You need a no cap rizzler with sigma Gen Z and Alpha battlepass drip, my brother. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    Quality of experience and content are key factors for consumers when choosing which theme park to visit. Brands should develop IP storytelling capabilities while also leveraging new technologies new technologies, a sense of uniqueness and cultural elements to strengthen the appeal the appeal of their IPs and stimulate visitors' in-park..."
    Home cooking has strong health and money-saving associations. Simple recipes and ideas on how to deliver flavour to meat-free meals will be key opportunities. Isabelle Shilling, Research Analyst ..."
    Money matters for home cooks, yet prepared ingredients rise as time and stress savers. In future, AI technology will reshape how Germans plan and cook their meals.Adam Millward, Research - Mintel Reports ..."
    It is an exciting time for mobile gaming; AR/VR advancements, cloud gaming and monetization innovations bode well for consumers and brands alike.Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Women’s sport can disrupt the wider market by breaking with traditional (male-dominated) structures to create bold new formats, experiences and media products. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."
    The gaming industry moves fast, with new trends outpacing development. Live service games can be a costly risk that must be treated as more than a revenue source. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    Teens and tweens spend their days juggling both formal and informal activities, making them a key audience for on-the-go solutions and mental wellbeing reminders. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."

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    A more fragmented workforce will use leisure time for social connection to replace 9-5 office camaraderie. John Worthington, Senior Analyst ..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    New gambling regulation will cut online casino revenues but offer only modest gains to a land-based sector facing new competitive interest from high street arcades. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."