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    Women’s sport can disrupt the wider market by breaking with traditional (male-dominated) structures to create bold new formats, experiences and media products. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."
    While the easing of the cost of living crisis offers opportunities for growth, sports goods retailers will face strong competition from non-specialist retailers.Michael Oliver, Senior Retail Analyst ..."

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    The cost of living crisis means some esports viewers are attending fewer events, providing an opportunity for game studios with esports coverage to appeal to them. Zach Emmanuel, Technology Analyst ..."
    Sports beyond football could be challenged by new properties that are freer to innovate in formats, presentation and – above all – accessibility. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."

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    Esports in Germany continue to provide opportunities for brands to engage a younger audience. By sponsoring content that delves into players' personal lives, brands can increase their potential for making a lasting impression. Katharina Kirsch - Analyst ..."
    Sports participation is perfectly placed to offer the simple fun and pleasure consumers are seeking to escape the pressures of post-pandemic life. David Walmsley, Research Analyst ..."
    “In response to the growing consumer trend of more diverse sports interests and active lifestyles, brands are advised to develop tailored products that are both fashionable and functional, and that can cater to the broader needs of sports scenes. Future opportunities are seen in specialized sports goods for segmented trendy..."
    Sportswear has become an increasingly important segment in the fashion sector, due in part to the rising use of sportswear in everyday life. Silke Lambers, Senior Research Analyst - Fashion, Germany ..."
    “Golf’s popularity had been in decline in the US for the first two decades of the millennium – then came the pandemic and participation spiked. Golf continues to enjoy renewed interest and a broad shift in consumer perceptions. However, continued growth in course play will be challenged by the hectic..."

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    “Esports has become a popular form of entertainment and an effective marketing tool, but it has also attracted professional players who take the game seriously. As a result, it is no longer just fun and games, but rather a legitimate sport that must be managed with the same level of..."
    “Professional-grade data analysis tools used in top level sports will filter through to consumers keen to adopt a more granular approach to tracking and analysing performance. Additionally, technology will continue to boost the spectator experience, creating a hybrid way to watch by providing people with more data and interactive, personalised..."
    As participation in spectator sports is fairly low, providers can entice non-viewers through exciting, social viewing experiences (eg unique atmosphere in stadium; public viewing at pubs). Silvia Hondt, Research Analyst - Travel & Leisure ..."