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    Inflation drives the growth in the babies' and children's product market, but a declining birth rate and savvy shopping behaviours could impact its future. Shiyan Zering, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    The children's food market is becoming more regulated. In addition to upgrading their products, brands and companies should actively support parents in educating their children on healthy eating and providing them with a happy childhood.Marta Zhang, Senior Research Analyst, Food and Drink, Foodservice, China ..."
    With the current trend for precise and science-based parenting, uncovering potential appetites that exist in the gaps between current product ranges and demographic demands has become an important jumping-off point for product innovation.Qianqian Ji, Senior Analyst, Health and Wellbeing, China ..."
    “In response to the growing consumer trend of more diverse sports interests and active lifestyles, brands are advised to develop tailored products that are both fashionable and functional, and that can cater to the broader needs of sports scenes. Future opportunities are seen in specialized sports goods for segmented trendy..."
    “The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese School-aged children and the drop in the birth rate set both opportunity and challenge for this market. Currently, brands should adapt accordingly and quickly, and echo parents’ expectations in functional and free-from claims. In the future, brands should rethink the target group as the family..."
    “The newest dietary guidelines for children are more specific than before, which will benefit parents with a more straightforward guide to feeding children. Companies and brands should adopt this change with innovations and marketing messages to support parents. They should focus on expanding the occasions for hydration and education on..."
    “Two thirds of parents of toddlers/preschoolers say keeping their kids entertained is challenging. This comes on top of the core parental challenges of health, safety, food and education. Parents are energetically and financially spent and need support from brands to feel confident in the choices they make for the family.”"
    “Low fertility rates will continue to pose a challenge to China’s mother and baby product market. However, brands are presented with growth opportunities through product innovation and premiumisation as the young generation parents are seeking quality products to ensure the wellbeing of both their children and themselves. In the meantime,..."
    "Parents' concerns over children’s screen time and digital stimulus as well as anxieties over the affordability of technology purchases, are mitigated by their understanding of the importance of children being equipped with the digital skills to navigate modern life. In fact, parents are willing to make sacrifices to pay for..."
    “The children’s savings and investment market is set to be impacted heavily by the rising cost of living. Lower-income households, with less disposable income, will struggle to contribute to children’s savings on top of paying out for essentials. Providers should focus on accessibility for all, by removing fees for opening..."
    “These are truly unprecedented times for parents, as they do not have the ability to turn to older friends or relatives for advice about what to do in the face of such uncertainty. Parents are coming away from the pandemic carrying more emotional weight, as their concerns about the negative..."
    "The children’s health category continues to have a wide reach, with approximately 74% of parents relying on OTC remedies and VMS products to maintain their children’s health. Market sales remain strong, at $3 billion, despite lingering pandemic uncertainty and rising inflation. Mintel predicts that the children’s health market will grow..."