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    “Two thirds of parents of toddlers/preschoolers say keeping their kids entertained is challenging. This comes on top of the core parental challenges of health, safety, food and education. Parents are energetically and financially spent and need support from brands to feel confident in the choices they make for the family.”"
    “These are truly unprecedented times for parents, as they do not have the ability to turn to older friends or relatives for advice about what to do in the face of such uncertainty. Parents are coming away from the pandemic carrying more emotional weight, as their concerns about the negative..."
    "The children’s health category continues to have a wide reach, with approximately 74% of parents relying on OTC remedies and VMS products to maintain their children’s health. Market sales remain strong, at $3 billion, despite lingering pandemic uncertainty and rising inflation. Mintel predicts that the children’s health market will grow..."
    “While toddlers and preschoolers are aware that their world looks different, they are resilient in the face of change. Brands have opportunities to help bring parents peace of mind through products and services that help support their child’s academic and social development as well as their emotional wellbeing. Done with..."
    “The children’s health market has strong reach, with nearly three quarters of parents giving their kids OTC pediatric remedies and VMS products, respectively. To that end, market sales have reached more than $2.5 billion in 2020 and forecasted for steady growth over the next five years. COVID-19 impacted segment performance,..."
    "About 30% of households in the US include children, but as families typically spend more than other groups on food, clothing and many other types of goods, their significance far outweighs their numbers. Beyond increased spend, these younger households also drive consumer trends across categories. This Report analyzes the vital..."