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Mintel’s Later Life and Retirement market research combines the latest consumer and market intelligence, industry insights and expert recommendations to provide detailed data and analysis on senior lifestyles, so you know exactly what your audience is interested in.

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    Under the trend of Thriving with Age, targeting the evolving interests of older people and their differentiated needs, and conducting precision marketing communications and product development that are age-friendly are the keys to further penetrating the existing market and expanding the capacity of the incremental market. Qianqian Ji, Senior Analyst,..."
    Our consumer study of senior Germany shows that health and spending time with family and friends are top of mind for over-65-year-olds. Brands that support a holistic approach to well-ageing, such as promoting an active lifestyle, will resonate with this consumer group. Dr. Jennifer Hendricks, Senior Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles,..."
    “With total funeral costs tending to rise above general inflation, prepaid plans can be a shrewd purchase as they lock in today’s prices as well as letting loved ones know of a person’s final wishes. This provides peace of mind for both the consumer and their loved ones, whilst protecting..."
    Discover how the ageing population's changing priorities and evolving health needs present a lucrative market for innovative and tailored products.Pimwadee Aguilar, Associate Director Food & Drink - Thai Consumer ..."
    Drive social integration for in-person engagement, communicate 'well-ageing' not 'anti-ageing' and focus on holistic wellbeing to resonate with the over-55s. Wilasinee Siriboonpipattana (Kaimook), Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, Thailand ..."
    “There is ample scope to expand the market for retirement planning and advice. 40% of pension savers are interested in paying for personalised advice about their retirement plans, most of whom have not sought advice before. Pension providers and advisers have an opportunity to leverage technology to convert this interest..."
    “Given the standards for healthy Chinese older adults emphasises the importance of helping seniors live healthily physically, psychologically and socially, these three aspects will become the future directions for companies and brands that wish to tap into the seniors’ wellbeing sector. Companies and brands should also ‘listen to’ seniors’ health..."
    “In the upcoming years, policies will have a big impact on the lives of China's elderly. After COVID, immunological support will continue to be a top priority for seniors. Helping senior people learn how to adjust physically and mentally to work up to the age of 65 will inevitably be..."
    “There is considerable latent demand for later life planning among over-45s, especially among those aged 45-64. If providers can effectively tap into this and engender earlier engagement, for example by offering free will reviews or retirement health checks, it would expand the client base and generate new opportunities for growth,..."
    “Understanding seniors’ priorities is key to connecting with this cohort of consumers. Results show that their top priorities include health, family, and independence. Knowing this, brands can confidently provide products and services that address these desires. For many brands, digital solutions may come to mind. While there is a stereotype..."
    “The retirement planning environment has so far held up well despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the market. Cost of living pressures pose a new challenge for the industry. With inflationary pressures expected to persist throughout 2022 and into 2023, consumers face tough decisions. More people..."
    “The market shows great potential for brands in fitness, online community and travelling. Innovative business models need to keep up with the emerging seniors seeking high-quality leisure life where both treats and self-esteem needs can be fulfilled. At the same time, the market is being tested by the unpredictable closures..."