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    Black moms are looking for relief. They want to help their families financially, spend time on self-care and create efficiencies for household responsibilities. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Despite uncertainty, parents continue to prioritize back to school shopping. Price and convenience remain the key drivers, but emotional resonance still matters. Brittany Steiger, Senior Analyst, US Retail and eCommerce Reports ..."
    Marketing to Hispanic moms goes beyond traditional parenting themes. They seek support in family management and self-care that require a nuanced approach. Stefanie Kundakjian, Research Analyst ..."
    Marketing to moms must expand beyond themes of child rearing. Moms want support across a wider range of needs, including life management and self-care. Fiona O'Donnell, Senior Director - Lifestyles, Culture & Identity, Multicultural, Travel & Leisure ..."
    “Amidst the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for three consecutive years and the ‘Double Reduction’ policy, there has been a significant shift in the values of young parents in lower tier cities towards family companionship and leisure time. This has led to a change in their parenting mindset, as more..."
    Families haven't been dissuaded from traveling despite elevated prices. Yet, they still need help from brands to streamline planning and create itineraries for all. Mike Gallinari, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    “Asian moms may seem to have it all: they are on average more affluent, more educated and more likely to be living with a spouse than other moms. At the same time, they are also the most likely to admit they feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a parent...."
    “Who doesn’t want to make their children happy? Parents across the nation are willing to spend what it takes. Between tech for school, tech for fun and a list of on-demand video content subscriptions, parents are shelling out dollars on their kids’ tech and digital media needs. Families (and consumers..."
    “The types of activities and experiences families can enjoy together continue to evolve thanks to emerging technology and immersive in-person offerings. That said, at the core, it’s all about the time they are spending together. For parents, it’s less about the quantity of time with their kids and more about..."
    “The attitudes of young parents towards childcare have changed remarkably. They increasingly focus on the role of 'companionship' in the development of their children. As the need to reduce children's study load becomes clearer, the protection of children's childlike innocence and creativity is becoming a more important issue. Developments in..."
    “The cost of living crisis is likely to increase the popularity of at-home meal occasions, offering opportunities for brands with strong family appeal. Affordable, nutrient-rich meal ideas can help reassure parents that their children are meeting their nutritional needs, whilst products that contribute to five-a-day and fibre intake will also..."
    “College spending comprises two thirds of the total back to school market, driven by extensive needs for school. Overall, students are enthusiastic consumers who are eager to assert their independence, making the season a critical time for brands to build affinity with young consumers. Value will be a necessity amidst..."