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    "The business travel market is going through a considerable transformation. Company reliance on online meeting and event technology was accelerated during the pandemic, and this has been further strengthened by the cost-of-living crisis, which is driving firms to prioritise remote meetings to cut down on expenses.Nonetheless, in person meetings will..."
    "Workers and employers are facing a difficult time as wages fail to keep up with inflation and business manage higher operational costs and weakened consumer spending power. Despite this, there remain huge opportunities for employers to define a new way of working, with possibilities going as far as shorter work..."
    "The MICE travel industry is on the brink of full recovery from the pandemic, but that isn’t to say it the same. Remote working has further blurred the lines between work life and home life, and workers are now seeking the same fluidity in work and leisure in professional events...."
    “The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic to the employment market revealed opportunities to refresh the working arrangement of many consumers, with a shift to remote working during the pandemic having a lasting impact through hybrid working, which many consider to be a more flexible and accommodating way of working. This,..."
    “With the COVID-19 pandemic in the rear view mirror, consumers are venturing back to in-person school and work. Commuting has returned to normal. Or perhaps the new normal? With electric vehicle mandates on the horizon and alternative (read: non-car) options gaining popularity, the commuting landscape is headed for change. But..."

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    “The UK recruitment market has been heavily propelled by the larger trend of the ‘great resignation’. However, this trend is expected to have a reduced impact over 2023 as increased economic volatility is hardening labour movement intentions and leading to increased business reticence towards hiring. Meanwhile, shortages of talent are..."
    “There’s a false sense that the ball is in the workers’ court. Record low unemployment, job switching that’s led to salary increases and unprecedented work flexibility provides a sense of empowerment that leaves the majority of workers happy with work/life balance. However, inflation has led to a decline in net..."
    Germans are demanding a more flexible approach to work. Brands can promote workplace wellbeing and hybrid working through, for example, remote work travel programs. Dr. Jennifer Hendricks, Research Analyst - Consumer Lifestyles, Germany ..."
    “While the pandemic caused significant disruption to working lives, it also cleared the way for a new working culture to be developed. Workers are no longer prepared to stick to rigid working routines and want to gain a greater sense of control in their lives. Workers are increasingly demanding a..."
    "The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the country’s job market and workforce. In addition to impacting where and how people work, the pandemic has also incited other workforce trends including the Great Resignation, surging labor unrest and the heightened focus on DEI initiatives in the workplace. Brands and companies need..."
    “COVID-19 has been particularly disruptive for transport, but offers a chance to reset the dial and build a more sustainable, integrated 21st century network. The car has become a cocoon for many people during the pandemic with the challenge of encouraging a shift towards public transit becoming more difficult. The..."
    “With long-term hybrid working patterns set to be embedded, the market for technology for working from home looks buoyant. Smart home technology, curved monitors and wireless technologies can all benefit, as consumers focus on refining their homeworking experience. Meanwhile hardware such as portable hybrid laptops can cater to those adopting..."