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Consumer Lifestages Market Research

Mintel’s lifestages market research reports provide a comprehensive and extensive overview of the marketplace including information on the lifestages market size and lifestages market share.

Mintel’s lifestages industry reports can help you gain further insight into the lifestages market trends and gain valuable lifestages consumer data.

Make sure you stay one step ahead of your competition – Mintel’s market analysis can help you make informed business decisions by providing up-to-the-minute lifestages industry intelligence. Our market intelligence reports span hundreds of countries and regions.


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  1. Marketing to Teens - China - November 2018

    “Although today's adolescents are more assertive and individualistic, which is related to democratic family environments, they still share a lot in common. A strong interest is shown in aesthetics and humane knowledge. They do not reject advertising per se, but demand humour and high-quality ...

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    US $4,460.00 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    November 2018
  2. Marketing to Young Adults - Canada - April 2018

    "The young adult demographic is a unique group of consumers who present a potentially long-term benefit for brands. They are transitioning from childhood to adulthood, while planning out their career and life goals. The opportunity for brands is to establish a relationship with these consumers ...

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    US $4,395.00 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    April 2018
  3. Wedding Trends - China - March 2018

    “Although China is getting more tolerant of different ways of living, this is still a collectivistic society – valuing family cohesion and conformity. This means dating, wedding planning and marriage counselling businesses will not become sunset industries. In fact, young couples are more likely ...

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    US $4,460.00 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    March 2018