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    For the second consecutive year, consumers were more eager to interact with digital ads and respond to direct mail and email campaigns, illustrating heightened demand for financial products. Accompanying their desire for new financial solutions is an increased appetite for research, with consumers turning to a greater number of channels..."
    Hispanic Gen Zs, born between 1997 and 2010, account for about 14.7 million of the 59.5 million Gen Zs in the US (about one quarter of the generation). While their discretionary spending is more focused on appearances and experiences, there is a clear opportunity to support them in managing budgets to..."
    Settling in Canada poses challenges (for many, the cold weather was tougher than expected) but also many opportunities to establish roots in this country (like celebrating Canada Day or Thanksgiving). It often takes time for newer Canadians to find their footing financially (in many cases because they're younger), but their..."
    As Gen Z transitions into adulthood they are navigating this crucial period during a time of rapid societal, technological and economic change. Hiro Takemasa, Senior Consumer Lifestyles Analyst ..."
    The development of AI will breed more mistrust online, something brands need to account for in their approach towards social media advertising. Rebecca McGrath, Associate Director for Media and Technology ..."
    Social commerce is a key aspect of the ecommerce ecosystem. Its impact will only grow as time spent on mobile devices increases and younger generations expand. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst - Retail & eCommerce ..."
    Consumers are seeking exclusive content from social media personalities, providing opportunities to build a closer relationship between content creators and their community. Lena Rittmann - Analyst..."

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    AI can open up opportunities for magazines to enhance the readers' experience and offer personalisation. Yogita Burke, Cross-category Research Analyst ..."
    Black moms are looking for relief. They want to help their families financially, spend time on self-care and create efficiencies for household responsibilities. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Generative AI has unlocked unmatched productivity and personalisation opportunities for media brands, but mixed sentiment calls for promoting its value to get consumers on board. Jan Urbanek - Principal Analyst..."
    Despite growing anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and attacks from far-right conservatives, the LGBTQ+ population and its allies continue to grow in size and influence. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."
    While many challenges persist, financial providers have opportunities to reassure consumers and create stronger connections through advertising. Stefania Apostol, Innovation Analyst ..."