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Related to: 'Books, Magazines and Newspapers'

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    $ 2,995 (Excl.Tax)

    AI can open up opportunities for magazines to enhance the readers' experience and offer personalisation. Yogita Burke, Cross-category Research Analyst ..."
    “Despite digital devices being central to modern living, the written word – printed in ink and published on paper – still has a powerful resonance with consumers. The challenge for publishers and booksellers is not just helping consumers prioritize reading over other leisure activities but doing so while leveraging devices..."

    $ 2,995 (Excl.Tax)

    “The cost-of-living crisis presents a new challenge for magazine publishers as people look to limit non-essential spending. With magazines considered by many to be a ‘nice to have’ item, effectively tailored and targeted discounts will be crucial to retain and attract budget-conscious subscribers”. – Rebecca McGrath, Associate Director for Media and..."
    “While the pandemic instilled or revived a lasting love of reading for some, others have abandoned their pandemic reading habits. Social media has proven it can drive the physical books market, rather than competing with it, and this is likely to continue with the experiential and immersive nature of the..."
    “Although Mintel research indicates that there will be a core group of loyal print national newspaper readers for many more years to come, the trend toward digital could accelerate further over the next several years. The expansion of the proportion of people comfortable with consuming news online, the rising cost..."

    $ 2,995 (Excl.Tax)

    “The pandemic has highlighted the potential in virtual events for publishers. While classes are the most popular type of magazine event, magazine readers do not have a clear preference for events taking place in-person or virtually. Publishers should continue to invest heavily in virtual events programmes, even while in-person events..."
    “While growth will slow moving forwards, the pandemic created an increased appetite for reading, with the digital market gaining many new customers. The reopening of stores and reduced restrictions will boost the print market, although there remains disruption in the supply chain due to both COVID-19 and Brexit. Independent bookstores..."
    “While the pandemic has been very difficult for the market, reliable reporting throughout the crisis has enabled national newspapers to reassert their importance to a society bombarded with fake news. As print continues to decline in importance, publishers are exploring more opportunities across media sectors, including social media, radio and..."

    $ 2,995 (Excl.Tax)

    “While some genres have performed well since the outbreak, such as cooking, gardening and news magazines, most titles are simply trying to weather the storm, while developing their digital platforms. There are, though, more indications that multi-magazine subscriptions could be a viable and successful option for the market going forward.” –..."
    “The long-struggling regional newspapers market has been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19, which has resulted in significant drops in print circulation and advertising revenue, as well as many job cuts and the closure of titles. The pandemic has, however, also helped shine a light on the importance of..."