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    The development of AI will breed more mistrust online, something brands need to account for in their approach towards social media advertising. Rebecca McGrath, Associate Director for Media and Technology ..."
    Social commerce is a key aspect of the ecommerce ecosystem. Its impact will only grow as time spent on mobile devices increases and younger generations expand. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst - Retail & eCommerce ..."
    Consumers are seeking exclusive content from social media personalities, providing opportunities to build a closer relationship between content creators and their community. Lena Rittmann - Analyst..."
    Social media is becoming powerful in driving the purchase journey, but savvy consumers are demanding more. Interactive storytelling, empowering choice and value-driven connections are the keys to unlocking trust and igniting purchases in this rational era. Toby Xu, Research Analyst, Technology and Media, China ..."
    Generative AI presents new challenges for social media platforms looking to limit misinformation. However, the technology also provides opportunities to engage users Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst ..."
    “US consumers are focusing on value, but they are still looking to influencers for ways to most efficiently spend their money. Consumers are taking beauty influencers’ recommendations, but they’ve become accustomed to free content. As brands continue to work with beauty influencers – and influencers continue demanding to be paid..."
    Draw on the aspirational qualities of celebs for urbanites. For better reach, leverage micro/nano influencers and partner with relatable, educational and humorous influencers.Saptarshi Banerjee, Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, India ..."
    Our social media Germany market research shows that brands on social media have opportunities to enhance consumers' shopping experiences but still face challenges to become more relevant with their advertising. Lena Rittmann, Analyst ..."
    “Threads is looking to capitalise on the issues and controversy surrounding Twitter. The popularity of Instagram, and the commitment to being ‘friendly’ means the platform can have broad appeal, including among those who have never been Twitter users. However, even if Threads can find success, it doesn’t mean there isn’t..."
    Influencers are still highly relevant in beauty marketing, but brands need to foster new talent and look to the potential of technological advances such as AI.Susanne Krenz, Principal Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    Younger Germans idolise influencers and the importance of social media as an entertainment channel is growing. This presents growing opportunities for brands to differentiate by becoming partners in content creation.Lena Rittmann, Analyst ..."
    “Developments in generative AI hold considerable potential for how brands use social media. Many people are interested in using generative AI chatbots for both reporting issues to brands and getting recommendations. AI can also be used to create personalised digital products that platforms and brands can monetise.” - Rebecca McGrath, Associate..."