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    27% of German Gen Z fashion shoppers bought from sportswear retailers in the year to December 2023, second only to mid-market multibrand fashion retailers and low-cost chains. This highlights the significance of sport and wellness in Gen Z lifestyles. Fashion is an important form of self-expression for..."

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    Airport passenger numbers experienced a notable resurgence in both 2022 and 2023, signaling a recovery phase post-pandemic. Yet, this positive trend is threatened by persistent challenges, including staffing shortages, cancellations, and escalating fuel expenses. These factors collectively pose a risk to the stability and growth of the airline industry during..."
    57% of German fashion shoppers bought fashion to feel good, a trend seen across generations. This highlights that shopping for fashion goes beyond necessity and results in 53% of German fashion shoppers thinking it is fun to buy fashion on..."
    The market for electrical goods is highly discretionary, dependent on economic growthand consumer confidence. Rapid technological breakthroughs with AI have the potential to drive the market forward. However, the category remains skewed towards the young and the wealthy, with 47% of shoppers aged over 65 and "
    Germany's economy is on the path of recovery, yet consumer financial confidence remains low, with significant concern over persistent high inflation. This has led to budget-conscious shopping habits among Germans, benefitting the PL market.German BPC shoppers hold PL products, including natural/organic options, in high regard, offering opportunities for PL brands..."

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    The UK retail rankings put the leading UK retailers in perspective. The data is the key element and that is contained in the Databook while within the Report we give an overview of key players performance and trends within this Report. Our aim is to include all the major retailers that..."

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    Mother's Day 2024 spending reached an estimated £1.6 billion, up 4.4% year-on-year driven by an increase in participation with 61% of consumers purchasing into Mother's Day. The personal nature of the event ensured stable gifting demand, with 68% saying Mother's Day is a good excuse to celebrate with loved ones,..."
    As German consumers’ attention shifts to convenience as their financial pressures ease, there are significant growth opportunities for brands in the online grocery sector. Lena Rittmann - Analyst..."
    Garden shoppers continue to seek out convenience when it comes to shopping as many use the online channel through out their purchasing journey, with the availability of online services and click-and-collect to be most important when choosing their respective garden retailer. As more consumers relocate to..."
    In recent years the importance of home has become amplified, incentivizing greater investment in the category. By contrast, the current cost of living crisis accelerated the focus on value while a stalling housing market pulled a significant purchase driver from the sector, ultimately dampening demand for home goods in the..."
    As costs soar, doors open for retail subscription models. Social commerce is shattering traditional barriers, while delivery methods explore greener horizons.Sam Fryers, Research Analyst - Ireland ..."
    The consumer electronics industry is in a period of recovery and adjustment. Faced with intense competition on price and functionality, technology brands should adapt their strategies to centre product quality and experience, satisfying consumer demands for tech products and brands to deliver long-term value.Toby Xu, Analyst, China Insights ..."

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