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    As German consumers’ attention shifts to convenience as their financial pressures ease, there are significant growth opportunities for brands in the online grocery sector. Lena Rittmann - Analyst..."
    Social commerce is a key aspect of the ecommerce ecosystem. Its impact will only grow as time spent on mobile devices increases and younger generations expand. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst - Retail & eCommerce ..."
    The B2B eCommerce market is set for continued growth as business buyers and sellers see digital commerce as a more efficient and effective way to research and purchase corporate goods and services. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    European online retail sales entered a correction period in 2022 but the channel's reputation for good value still resonates with consumers and is driving demand. Utku Tansel, Retail Analyst ..."
    Social media is becoming powerful in driving the purchase journey, but savvy consumers are demanding more. Interactive storytelling, empowering choice and value-driven connections are the keys to unlocking trust and igniting purchases in this rational era. Toby Xu, Research Analyst, Technology and Media, China ..."

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    Despite easing inflation, there's room to sustain online BPC spend via exclusive benefits, whilst AI innovation, inspired by adjacent categories, is an opportunity. Maddie Malone, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Luxury retail is evolving in the omnichannel era, where digital expansion is paramount to delivering quality experiences to a new generation of luxury shoppers. Brittany Steiger, Senior Analyst, US Retail and eCommerce Reports ..."
    The online channel has a strong value perception which drives demand, but online retailers Germany need to step up their sustainability efforts to cater to eco-conscious consumers. Dr. Carolin Siepmann, Research Analyst, Germany..."
    The way consumers search for products and look for information is changing with AI delivering more personalised search experiences. Lena Rittmann, Analyst ..."
    A faster pace of life in 2023 has driven an uptick in collection, underlined by consumers looking to the online channel for value and consumers becoming more savvy in terms of cost-saving on delivery fees for online orders. Bridget McCusker, Research Analyst ..."
    Pressure on finances has led to an uptick in use, both on the buying and selling side of the sector. This needs to be used to build the foundation of long-term growth. Nick Carroll, Category Director - Retail Insight ..."
    In this era of continued uncertainty, online shopping is not only a means to obtain desired goods, but also a way to experience immediate gratification and add more enjoyment to life.Binyan Yao, Research Analyst, Retail, China ..."