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    Beauty and personal care retailers and brands focus on offline experiences and online content as well as their unique strengths to reach a wider audience. Binyan Yao, Analyst, China Insights ..."
    The renewed popularity of in-store shopping for beauty and personal care goods gives multichannel specialists an opportunity to exploit their traditional strengths.Michael Oliver, Senior Retail Analyst ..."
    Our Germany BPC products report shows that retailers are focusing on an improved shopping experience, shaped by an omnichannel approach, while keeping affordability and convenience in mind. Franziska Kartheus - Associate Analyst..."
    Beauty is an ever-evolving category. Product efficiency, improved shopping experiences, and ethical conduct are major focus areas to appeal to consumers. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    With cost of living top of mind for Canadian consumers, beauty retailers have the opportunity to provide true value to their customers. A Mintel Analyst, Global Analyst ..."
    "The beauty retail sector in France was heavily penalized by the health crisis, but looks to be regaining momentum. The end of obligatory face coverings, the return to face-to-face working and growth in tourist numbers have all had a positive effect on demand for beauty products. But a new threat..."
    "The major chains of specialist beauty and personal care retailers, which are still primarily store-based businesses, have an opportunity to help their customers deal with the cost of living crisis by using discounts to build goodwill and increase loyalty which will bear fruit in the future. Faced at the same..."
    "The cost-of-living crisis and high inflation are changing how Spanish consumers shop for beauty and personal care products. With household budgets stretched, many shoppers are looking at ways to cut back spending on the category, reducing purchasing, switching to lower-priced options and shopping at low-cost retailers. Retailers will have to..."
    "We estimate that beauty and personal care specialist retailers’ sales in the European Big 5 markets rose by around 7% again in 2022, as the sector continued to recover from the disruption caused by the pandemic. This is largely attributed to higher prices as well as increased visits to stores...."
    The beauty ecommerce industry has to address sustainability and fairness issues while offering the flexibility, convenience and bargains Germans are accustomed to. Susanne Krenz, Principal Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    The BPC sector will grow robustly in 2023, with cash-strapped consumers staying faithful to drugstores while retail innovations offer additional growth potential. Silke Lambers, Fashion Senior Research Analyst, Germany ..."

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    “Amid an ongoing income squeeze, the BPC market has proven more resilient than other sectors as consumers have turned to beauty as an affordable means to lift their mood. As retailers embrace different strategies to remain attractive to value-centric consumers, they need to ensure that they still continue to innovate..."