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    Packaging is getting smarter, more specialized and more sustainable. Consumers expect brands to take responsibility for the environmental impact their products. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."
    Packaging is crucial for creating a positive customer experience and conveying a brand’s unique selling points.Ana Paula Gilsogamo, Senior Analyst Food & Drink, Latam ..."
    Packaging constitutes an essential attribute to attract consumers, who are more aware of the environmental impact of their habits.Amanda Caridad, Senior Analyst Beauty and Personal Care - Latam ..."
    Thais are looking to minimise food packaging waste. Opportunity lies in empowering responsible behaviour while delivering freshness and quality and optimising on-pack messaging.Rashmika Khanijou, Research Analyst ..."
    “Consumers are mostly in sync with each other when it comes to packaging perceptions and priorities. Most don’t want to compromise on the effectiveness of packaging, or pay more for “better” options. Sustainability becomes negotiable, and a useful tool in product differentiation, especially if costs are kept down.” – Michele Scott,..."
    “Economic uncertainty is a prime time for packaging to shine. Beverage packaging provides a platform for brands to communicate product benefits and introduce enticing excitement to the shopping experience. As consumers balance their desires for fiscal and environmental sustainability, they’ll look for brands to assure them they’re making smart choices.”-..."
    Packaging is expected to deliver on freshness, convenience and eco responsibility, while the product itself must deliver on quality, affordability and value. Rushikesh Aravkar, Associate Director - Consumer Reports South APAC - Food & Drink ..."
    "Sustainability remains one of the biggest topics for food packaging, with many consumers worried about food packaging waste ending up in the environment. Highlighting recyclability and recycled content stands to keep consumers engaged. Low emissions are a low concern amongst consumers, putting an onus on companies to drive awareness of..."
    “A stronger on-pack emphasis on recycled content in drinks packaging is warranted, given government targets and with this attribute widely seen by consumers as denoting sustainability. Highlighting the procedures they follow to create recycled bottles, including cleaning processes, should help companies to prove to consumers that they are being proactive..."
    Highlight versatility in packaging to meet consumers' need for added value, especially during a recession when they look for multiple benefits in things they buy.Pongsanguan Jiradechakul, Associate Director of Consumers Lifestyles Reports - South APAC ..."
    “The focus on sustainability, plastic packaging waste reduction and circularity drives market and product development. This reflects shifts in consumer sentiment towards a greater awareness of sustainability and efforts by food and drink manufacturers and retailers to improve their sustainability credentials. Legislative changes, such as the Plastic Packaging Tax and..."
    "The pandemic saw consumers re-evaluate their usage of packaging and attitudes towards it; prioritising health and safety over considerations such as sustainability. However, in 2022, consumers are again putting packaging waste front of mind, and evolving their usage of packaging in step with this." - Brian O’Connor, Senior Consumer Analyst This Report..."