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    Germany's economy is on the path of recovery, yet consumer financial confidence remains low, with significant concern over persistent high inflation. This has led to budget-conscious shopping habits among Germans, benefitting the PL market.German BPC shoppers hold PL products, including natural/organic options, in high regard, offering opportunities for PL brands..."
    Elevated food prices have spurred private label gains, but sustaining growth will take more than just competitive prices. John Owen, Associate Director - Food and Retail ..."
    Rising food costs have elevated store brands' profile, but their value extends well beyond price. Addressing different aspects of value is critical to success.Joel Gregoire, Associate Director of Food & Drink Reports ..."
    Now is an opportune time for own-label brands to establish value beyond price (eg through premiumisation, scents) to create long-term consumer loyalty.Yasemin Holtemayer, Household Care Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    It is time for private label to think beyond just price and innovate with products, channels, and processes to build long-term consumer loyalty. Arpita Sharma, Global Household Analyst ..."
    The squeeze on consumers' budgets is increasing the attractiveness of own labels. Developing their premium offering is one way for retailers to win against brands. Katrin Förster, Food & Drink Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    “Inflation has given private label food and drink a big short-term boost as shoppers have looked for ways to stretch their grocery budgets. To maintain growth in the long run, however, retailers will need to continue evolving store brands beyond savings alone. Private label offers a unique opportunity for retailers..."
    Amid rising costs and tight budgets, supermarket private label has growth potential. Premium offerings and experiential shopping up their foothold in own-label BPC. Susanne Krenz, Principal Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    Highlight value for money in own-brand products in a time of high inflation, while also work on proving product quality and addressing brands' social purposes.Pongsanguan Jiradechakul, Consumer Lifestyles Senior Analyst - Thailand ..."
    “While private label food and drink lost market share in 2020 and 2021 amid the disruption of the pandemic, it is likely to regain momentum in 2022 as spiking inflation makes the savings of store brands more compelling. The full potential of private label, however, revolves around more than just..."
    Private label beauty is highly regarded by German consumers and already covers most BPC categories. Colourants, fragrances and men's care have more potential. Susanne Krenz, Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    “Brexit and the pandemic brought with them uncertainty that saw shoppers adopting a savvier mindset, a trend that existed beforehand and will outrun both. Branded beauty dupes appeal to the consummate bargain hunter, however retailers can do more to drive digital discovery particularly as younger shoppers use social media to..."