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    Mother's Day 2024 spending reached an estimated £1.6 billion, up 4.4% year-on-year driven by an increase in participation with 61% of consumers purchasing into Mother's Day. The personal nature of the event ensured stable gifting demand, with 68% saying Mother's Day is a good excuse to celebrate with loved ones,..."
    Valentine's Day 2025 promises optimism. Retailers should spotlight gifts that amplify the emotional significance of the event and tap into celebrating different forms of love. Emily Viberg, Retail analyst ..."
    Although engagement in Black Friday sales has increased, German consumers bought fewer Christmas gifts to reduce costs amidst ongoing inflation in 2023. Armando Falcao, Associate Director - Retail Reports..."
    Festive 2023 saw consumers again cut back, with gift spending particularly constrained. A sustained uptick in confidence should provide more opportunities in 2024. Nick Carroll, Category Director - Retail Insight ..."
    A record Halloween and Bonfire Night in 2023 was driven by younger shoppers who were happy to use both events as an excuse to socialise and treat themselves. Emily Viberg, Retail analyst ..."
    Consumers are seeking novel and enriching experiences that offer excellent value for money. Holiday offerings that can emphasise sustainable education and deeply integrate unique local culture and natural resources are of great interest to high-spending power consumer groups, such as multi-child families. Shannon Liu, Senior Research Analyst, Travel and Leisure,..."
    A majority expect to cut back again this Christmas, but a fragile recovery in finances means there is likely to be more opportunity for retailers. Nick Carroll, Category Director - Retail Insight ..."

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    “A budget-focused mindset will again dominate in 2023 as consumers rebound from economic pressures. Savvy shoppers will shift more effortlessly across channels and formats to seek the best deals and get their shopping done as efficiently and affordably as possible. There is light at the end of the tunnel after..."
    A review of 2022 Christmas food and drink activity and recommendations on consumer expectations for the 2023 festive season. David Faulkner, Associate Director - Mintel Food & Drink ..."

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    "While the cost of living crisis did affect behaviour for Easter 2023, spending for the event held up better than other seasonal events. With value still likely to be high on the agenda for 2024, but pressure on finances to have eased a little, retailers will have further opportunities to..."
    “While the pressure on household finances is expected to ease a little by Mother’s Day 2024, value will still be a top priority when shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. With the concept of ‘value’ evolving beyond cost, retailers have the opportunity to shape how this is communicated across gifting ranges..."
    “Valentine’s Day 2023 was challenging with the number buying gifts falling and average spending down among those who did spend. 2024 is likely to be more promising as confidence improves, particularly if brands and retailers can reframe the event as not just romantic but also one that taps into the..."