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    While the food and drink market is, to some extent, recession-proof, price hikes have made shoppers more savvy in their choices.Steven Mayles, Retail Analyst ..."
    Inflation on food remains high, but savvy shopping is widespread. Discounters are thriving, but there are opportunities for retailers in own label and technology.Natalie Macmillan, European Analyst - Retail ..."
    The cost of living crisis has profoundly affected the supermarkets sector, although prospects for 2024 and beyond look more positive.Michael Oliver, Senior Retail Analyst ..."
    Supermarkets in Germany are facing stronger competition from discounters and online retailers, but have kept their share of grocery retail and will be favoured as shoppers decide to trade up. Armando Falcao, Associate Director - Retail Reports..."
    As the cost-of-living crisis continues, private label and loyalty/membership schemes offer good prospects while apps and fast delivery resonate with shoppers. Utku Tansel, Retail Analyst ..."

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    A fragile recovery in confidence will mean more opportunities for grocers in 2024 and for volume growth to return, but for most consumers value will be critical. Nick Carroll, Category Director - Retail Insight ..."
    Faced with higher costs of living, consumers are seeking out better value for money, which is seeing more turn towards own-label groceries, as well as discounters.Sam Fryers, Research Analyst - Ireland ..."
    Stop and taste the samples. Perimeter shopping is all about sensory experiences that can't be replicated with ecommerce - but online tools can strengthen it all. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    This industry is stable and growing, yet experiencing significant change too. Inflation, demographic trends and competitive pressures are evolving the landscape. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    “Convenient locations and being able to check products on the spot are the primary factors driving consumers to supermarkets. Transforming suburban hypermarkets into small and medium-size supermarkets near residential communities would be a viable strategy for the survival of supermarkets. In the long run, supermarkets need to build their own..."
    “The grocery landscape is still in the midst of an evolution after the pandemic accelerated ecommerce and omnichannel shopping routines. Currently, savings are top of mind amid inflationary pressures and consumers are adapting by shifting toward more budget-conscious behaviors. In the longer term, consumers will be eager for a shopping..."
    “With more frequent visits and smaller purchases, retailers need to adapt to accommodate a larger number of customers and create a pleasant and practical environment, so consumers don’t spend too much time inside the store. Consumers show interest in the use of technology, as well as in retailers that offer..."