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    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    The technology market faces challenging times in 2024, with nearly twice as many consumers expecting to spend less in the category in 2023, than those who plan to spend more. Brands will need to position TVs as potential future-proofed investments, by highlighting durable build quality..."

    £ 2,195 (Excl.Tax)

    The cost of living crisis is putting a spotlight on value, longevity and the refurbished/second-hand smartphone market. This presents a primary threat to the market as consumers are not replacing their smartphones as frequently as in the past, as indicated by the popularity of SIM-only contracts and the decline of..."
    The market for electrical goods is highly discretionary, dependent on economic growthand consumer confidence. Rapid technological breakthroughs with AI have the potential to drive the market forward. However, the category remains skewed towards the young and the wealthy, with 47% of shoppers aged over 65 and "
    Smartphone ownership is near universal and purchase cycles are slowing down, so brands are looking to new formats and genAI functionality to stand out. Younger men have the shortest tenure with any particular phone, and they also lead in owning wearables. Overall, about 20% of consumers get a new phone..."
    AI's emergence can help deliver new services for consumers. However, brands need to focus on delivering accuracy and safeguarding from its downsides. Joe Birch, Technology Analyst ..."
    The consumer electronics industry is in a period of recovery and adjustment. Faced with intense competition on price and functionality, technology brands should adapt their strategies to centre product quality and experience, satisfying consumer demands for tech products and brands to deliver long-term value.Toby Xu, Analyst, China Insights ..."
    Technology can empower individuals with disabilities. Brands can leverage the language of autonomy, rights, and self-expression to shift perceptions around disability. Nikita Shergill, Research Analyst ..."
    Our digital consumer research report Germany shows that the growing prominence of AI will change consumers' digital behaviours, especially when shopping and researching online. Enthusiastic, younger consumers in particular will be driving AI usage and growth. Jan Urbanek - Principal Analyst..."
    Younger men lead in adoption and interest. Meanwhile, gen AI implementation will drive innovation but will turn some tracking-averse consumers off. Jenni Nelson, Consumer Insights Analyst, Tech, Media & Entertainment ..."
    Consumers are more carefully evaluating their needs for smart features and look forward to smart home products that are truly practical and convenient to use. Brands should not miss the opportunity to offer smart home scenarios for home personalisation, emotional management and sleep health to consumers.Toby Xu, Analyst, China..."
    After a positive quarter for technology purchases, demand across a number of key technology areas, including audio, wearables and computers, continues to improve.Joe Birch, Technology Analyst ..."
    2023 was another challenging year for electricals, but the recent improvement in purchasing activity and consumer confidence provide some optimism for 2024. Sam Nguyen, Retail Analyst ..."